Introduces New Technology Emerging From Ancient Science That Surpasses the Abilities of Psychics and Astrologers—It’s Called ‘The Personal Time-Map System’

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Google Maps and MapQuest are great for geographical purposes, but the Personal Time-Map System being introduced at projects an individual’s movement through time. While that ability does not predict which direction a person will choose, it can reveal what they might expect to happen—as they travel through the time-space continuum.

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“The Time-Map integrates a person’s date of birth with universal laws structured in the ancient science of the standard deck of playing cards,” its creator says.

Albert Einstein is most famous for proving the relationship between Time and Space, known as the Law of Relativity or E=MC². The power concealed within the core of that remarkable theory has been incorporated into a dynamic approach to living called the Personal Time-Map System, now being introduced to the world at, according to Rev. Thabiti, the system’s inventor.

The Law of Relativity means that wherever you are, there is always the time you are there, and that time and space must co-exist, or we don’t exist at all, according to Einstein. “Where” a given person is right now can be mapped out geographically, but “when” that person exists is a function of their Personal Time-Map.

“The Time-Map shows an individual’s movement through time in the same way a map of a country would show that same individual’s movement through space,” explains the creator of the system. “For example, if a person is in Colorado looking at a map of the United States, the map does not predict which direction that person will take, but it does show, in advance, what will happen (or where that person will end up in the future) based on the direction they might choose: It shows that, if they go North, Canada will happen; and if they go South, Mexico will happen.”

Personal Time-Mapping (PTM) works much the same way: It does not predict which direction a person will choose, but it does reveal what will happen—or what they might expect—as they move through time.

“A most extraordinary feature PTM has, is that the people in a person’s life right now are located and identified on the Time-Map by their birthday—and then, it also defines the experience that is happening between the Time-Mapper and that person, from the Time-Mapper’s point of view,” explains Rev. Thabiti, inventor of the system, adding that, “Your life is the result of the choices you make or the direction you take.”

Rev. Thabiti is author of the popular book “All About You.” He has produced and hosted a successful radio program, “A Golden Moment,” and published numerous newspaper and magazine articles. In addition, he serves as Executive Director at

Divulging a fascinating fact about the Personal Time-Map System, the reverend reveals that it originates from an ancient science, developed thousands of years ago but rediscovered in the standard deck of playing cards used everywhere in the world. The simplicity in using the system cannot be overstated; people as young as 8 years old have learned how to use a Time-Map.

“The Time-Map integrates a person’s date of birth with universal laws structured in the ancient science of the standard deck of playing cards,” its creator says.

Here are the specifics:

The 52 cards in the deck represent the 52 weeks/year.

The 12 Royal cards (Jacks-Queens-Kings) represent the 12 months as well as 12 a.m. and p.m. hours/day.

The four suits (Hearts-Clubs-Diamonds-Spades) represent the four directions of time. In space, the four directions are North, South, East and West, and the four directions in time are: Hearts for when we advance Emotionally; Clubs is Mentally, Diamonds is Financially and Spades is Spiritually.

“There are no belief requirements because the Time-Map is universally verifiable and mathematically exact and also in a way that its truthfulness, reliability and accuracy far surpasses the abilities of all Psychics and Astrologers combined,” its creator says. “Then add to the fact that this system gives us the ability to see ourselves from anyone else’s viewpoint, and there is no Psychic or Astrologer anywhere who can do that.”

A Personal Time-Map can be easily configured in a matter of minutes and provide information for a full year. Access is made available to validated users by a unique code that can be obtained for under $30. Authorized subscribers have unlimited use of the Personal Time-Map during their subscription period.

For more information, visit or call (702) 987-5252. Private phone consultations are available to those with complex issues who want to access more advanced aspects of the Personal Time-Map System.

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