Concrete Stain Manufacturer, Concrete Camouflage® Quietly Has Major Breakthrough, Yet Again.

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Concrete stain manufacturer, Concrete Camouflage® has released new additions to their artist grade concrete stain line. Once again surpassing industry standards, the new line now includes a count of 23 unique concrete acid stain colors.

Artist Grade Concrete Stain, Sealer, and Floor Wax by Concrete Camouflage

Camouflage Your Concrete!

Concrete Camouflage® has been improving contractors techniques and empowering do it yourselfers with the ability to confidently stain, seal and wax their concrete with professional and wonderfully artistic results for almost 20 years.

While still gaining early popularity, concrete stain was originally available in only 6 basic and similar colors. Many in the industry believed that concrete acid stain simply could not be made better than it was, or in more than the handful of basic colors. However, Concrete Camouflage® changed that belief when they released their artist grade concrete stain. A more effective single coat acid stain covering twice as many square feet and to much surprise, it was available in 14 colors. Concrete Camouflage® had successfully taken old world materials and knowledge, along with new world technologies and innovatively created a new generation of concrete staining products. The new breakthroughs were long awaited and celebrated. The remainder of the industry was still trying to catch up but eventually started offering 8 colors and then as many as 11. Though still not the 14 that Concrete Camouflage® boasted. As concrete staining continued to grow in popularity through the years, dozens of new companies emerged. However, neither the old nor the new seems to have achieved the same level of quality, nor the number of color selections achieved by Concrete Camouflage®. While their competitors continue struggling to catch up, they now have much farther to go. Due to the fact that towards the end of 2012, with no announcements or fanfare, Concrete Camouflage® quietly released 9 new additions to their artist grade stain line. These new additions bring the current count to 23 unique concrete acid stain colors varying from soft pastels to dark rich colors and classic earth tones.

During a brief interview, Concrete Camouflage® C.E.O. Earl Choate Ph.D. credited the success of Concrete Camouflage® to trust. “Concrete Camouflage® began earning the trust of its customers by making products that worked better, were easier to use, more affordable and then making them available to all.” Dr. Choate said, “Through our continued advancements, simple application methods and high level of quality control and customer support, Concrete Camouflage® is working hard to continually maintain and build on that legacy of trust.”

Beginning their trek towards becoming a prominent industry leader in 1995, Concrete Camouflage® came into being at a time when acid stains were still only made available primarily to contractors. It wasn’t until 2004, that Concrete Camouflage became one of among the first few manufacturers to start offering their products to “do it yourselfers“directly. Although it’s their innovations that got them on the radar, it’s their fresh approaches to the ongoing development of their products that keeps the concrete stain, sealer and floor wax industries watching them so carefully. Additionally, the Concrete Camouflage® extensive yet easy to understand tips and application instructions which includes free videos has been improving contractors techniques and empowering do it yourselfers with the ability to confidently stain, seal and wax their concrete with professional and wonderfully artistic results for almost 20 years.

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