Chino Hills Gopher Problem: Rodent Guys Gopher Control Rescuing Homeowners with Trapping and Removal Service

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Spring starts the season for Chino Hills Gopher Control which is one of hardest hit cities in Southern California. After the mounds start appearing the panic sets in and homeowners question, "What do I do next?" In short - call Rodent Guys.

Gopher Removal

Gopher popping out

Many will spend less money to hire a professional than buying a bunch of un-fullfilled promises of junk products

Chino Hills is home to affluent families living the good life in hills above Chino, CA. Centrally located in the Southern California hot spot of America with access to skiing, beaches, deserts and even Las Vegas at the drop of a hat this is a great community to raise a family. So what is the buzz making these homeowners so upset when they walk out the door? Chino Hills Gopher Control!

Gophers are small rodents that live underground and live off the vegetation. Gophers eat the grass, plants, tree roots, rosebushes and most any vegetation. If left uncontrolled, these burrowing pests will destroy the yard. Chino Hills gopher control is getting the buzz lately from the high gopher activity throughout the city.

You usually see gophers start to make mounds in the grass or in the planters. You notice more and more mounds nearly every day. The plants start to die. Usually one branch, then another and then the plant simply falls over. Trees that survive produce less fruit, grow slower, and young trees may not survive.

The grass is hit two-fold. One, the gophers eat grass. Second, the mounds of dirt gopher push above ground smother the grass and kill it. The question is not if you should get rid of gophers in Chino Hills; it is how.

Many laws have changed in recent years making treating this pest more difficult even for the professional. Pesticides that were once legal and effective are no longer allowed on residential properties and restricted on commercial property.

The homeowner can buy over the counter poisons, but they are of limited effectiveness, plus even following the label direction these are dangerous for pets and wildlife. Traps are also available to the homeowner. If you can stomach pulling dead animals out the holes you may give this a try. The gophers are not dumb, so learning the proper way to trap them is crucial to your success.

The hardware stores sell repellents and beepers which have all been reported to be completely unreliable. The only way to deal with gophers is to remove them. There is no way to keep them from coming into your yard. One product on the market can slow down their progress into the yard called Tunnel Fill. This product fills in their tunnel and blocks their passage which helps to slow down infestation and is one of the few products that work.

For most homeowners finding a gopher control company would be the most likely route. The biggest name in gopher control in Southern California is Rodent Guys. They use the most innovative techniques and are ranked #1 in gopher control. They also specialize in gopher removal and offer both traditional and pet friendly methods and Rodent Guys Reviews are excellent.

For Chino Hills residence looking for ways to control gophers they should consider the internet as a good source. At the same time, if the advice on the internet looks too good to be true, it probably is.

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