La Peer Health Systems Announces Launch of New Hyperhidrosis Website

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The Hyperhidrosis Center of Excellence is focused on the comprehensive management of hyperhidrosis, led by renowned thoracic surgeons Dr. Ali Mahtabifard and Dr. Clark Fuller

We provide a minimally invasive procedure that resolves excessive sweating at the source.

La Peer Health Systems is pleased to announce the launch of a new website,, for a sub-division of the Beverly Hills surgery center devoted to the treatment of excessive sweating, known as the Hyperhidrosis Center of Excellence.

Hyperhidrosis is characterized by excessive and unpredictable sweating, and affects an estimated two to three percent of the population. The sweating is often localized to one or several body parts, such as the hand, foot, armpit, or face. The Hyperhidrosis Center of Excellence offers the most advanced treatment for patients with all types and severity of hyperhidrosis.

“Many conservative or alternative therapies for hyperhidrosis have limited long-term effectiveness,” explained Dr. Mahtabifard, co-director of the Hyperhidrosis Center of Excellence. “We provide a minimally invasive procedure that resolves excessive sweating at the source.”

This highly effective procedure, called a thoracoscopic sympathectomy, offers patients immediate relief from sweating with very little downtime. Under general anesthesia, a high-definition camera is inserted through small incisions into the chest cavity, sending live video feed to monitors located in the operating room. While viewing the inside of the chest cavity with the camera, another instrument is inserted to cut a specific section of nerves known to be responsible for excessive sweating. Patients who undergo a thoracoscopic sympathectomy at our state-of-the-art outpatient center in Beverly Hills can return home within a day of surgery.

Hyperhidrosis surgery carries a low risk of complications when performed by an experienced thoracic surgeon. While some general surgeons offer this treatment, the meticulous thoracic surgical techniques required for this procedure are best left to a specialist. At the Hyperhidrosis Center of Excellence, our thoracic surgeons are fellowship trained and possess the highest level of technical expertise in thoracic procedures, such as hyperhidrosis surgery.

In addition to providing the highest quality of care for our patients, the Hyperhidrosis Center of Excellence is dedicated to giving back to the community. To accomplish this goal, we donate a portion of our proceeds to the International Hyperhidrosis Society, a non-profit organization committed to promoting public awareness of hyperhidrosis and educating healthcare providers in the optimal diagnosis and care for excessive sweating.

“Beyond providing the most effective care for our patients, we aim to improve public understanding of hyperhidrosis and reduce the social stigma associated with excessive sweating,” remarked Dr. Fuller, thoracic surgeon at the Hyperhidrosis Center of Excellence.

The Hyperhidrosis Center of Excellence is directed by two board-certified thoracic surgeons, Ali Mahtabifard, MD and Clark Fuller, MD. Both surgeons are leading experts in the field of minimally invasive thoracic surgery, and have had extensive training in the comprehensive management and advanced surgical care of hyperhidrosis.

La Peer Health Systems is an outpatient surgery center in Beverly Hills, founded by doctors and focused on providing excellent patient care alongside the most cutting-edge medical treatments available. With 40 world-renowned physicians in 13 specialties, comprehensive medical treatment is offered that takes patients from consultation to diagnosis, treatment, surgery, and ultimately aftercare. The 13 medical departments include orthopedics & sports medicine, gastroenterology, head & neck surgery, colorectal & general surgery, podiatry, ophthalmology, pain management, plastics & reconstructive surgery, gynecology, spine surgery, interventional cardiology, bariatric surgery, and anesthesiology. Unlike large hospitals, La Peer's unique structure offers extremely personal care in a safe and controlled environment.

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