Entrepreneur Hopes Tiny Flies Catch a Big Shark (Tank)

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New technology from KillDrainFlies.com to be unveiled this month in Vegas provides revolutionary way to clean drains and kill tiny restaurant flies and their eggs.

For two decades, Dieter Zikofsky heard that tiny flies were often restaurant, bar, and hotel owners’ biggest problem. This month between March 19th and March 21st, Dieter will present a game changing technology at the 2013 Nightclub and Bar Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. This new technology provides business owners and managers a more effective and environmentally friendly way to help rid their establishments of those tiny flies commonly referred to as drain flies, bar flies, sewer flies, restroom flies, and similar titles.

Often, these small flies lay their eggs within drains commonly found within kitchens and restrooms. When they hatch, they end up everywhere in the business. Dieter has been working with commercial steam cleaning tools and services for the past twenty years. Hearing this complaint again and again of how these little bugs can be such a big nuisance, he knew that someone had to do something. With his years of experience and relationship with industrial steam cleaner manufacturers, Zikofsky was able to design the patent pending steam cone for drains.

Steam has been used in businesses for years to accomplish a variety of cleaning tasks. It can kill germs better than many expensive cleaners. The heat is known for breaking down the molecular bonds between surfaces and dirt. It ends up saving businesses a lot of money on cleaner and leaving areas clean and sanitized better than many other solutions. Industrial steam cleaners are often used in areas where sanitization and cleanliness are important such as hotels, hospitals, laboratories, military installations, and restaurants and food preparation facilities.

Zikofsky’s invention is a cone that fits on to the end of an industrial steam cleaner and fits directly over a drain thus pouring heated steam into the drain area. This is more effective than trying to use a nozzle as it builds up pressure from hitting a wide area at once and preventing steam to flow back up and out of the hole. As the steam fills the drain, the temperature rises, knocking loose debris and grime but also kills fruit flies. Beyond that, the steam cone actually kills off the eggs of flies too, which prevents flies from reappearing so soon after the cleaning as is common with pest control services. The chemicals used by pest control companies often kill the flies, but not the eggs, so the problem comes back again and again.

Zikofsky may get his chance to take this invention on to the popular television show, the Shark Tank. He has completed his application and is waiting to hear back. This could end up being something huge. Meanwhile, business owners need this technology sooner rather than later, so trade shows such as this month’s in Vegas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to getting the word out.

The steam cone from Zikofsky helps to lengthen the time between appearances of these tiny drain flies. It also provides a green solution, using pressurized steam to deal with the insects instead of harsh chemicals. Be sure to look for the KillDrainFlies.com team at Booth 736 March 19th through March 21st at the 2013 Nightclub and Bar Show in Las Vegas.

For more information now, you can reach out to Zikofsky at http://www.KillDrainFlies.com or by calling 1-855-545-5354.

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