Health-centric Model™ Teaches Self-driven Care To Patients Using a New Paradigm

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Natasha Deonarain, MD, MBA, author of The 7 Principles of Health, announced the launch of a new website geared at empowering people to create their own health provider networks and drive their own healthcare options by using a new delivery system called a health-centric model. By collaborating with a growing network of health practitioners from alternative and conventional fields, as well as teaching institutions, policy experts, and individual health providers operating inside a democratic platform online, Dr. Deonarain hopes to change the focus of America’s healthcare system from one which is fundamentally disease-oriented, to one that is health-focused.

I consider our healthcare crisis to be very exciting, indeed.

Natasha Deonarain, MD, MBA announced the launch of the official Health Conscious Movement website. This social media hub brings together health practitioners from alternative and conventional areas to focus jointly on integrated solutions for health, and aims to lay the groundwork for a new healthcare delivery system in America. Dr. Deonarain has called this a “health-centric model” and describes it as one which teaches the fundamentals of health practice rather than medical practice.

By operating from a health-centric standpoint, she believes that patients become fully empowered to learn about treatments from a variety of healers including spiritual, modern and alternative medicine, exercise and nutrition specialists, behavioral and life coaches, and can then decide for themselves the options they will choose to drive their own health outcomes.

“I consider our current healthcare crisis to be very exciting indeed,” states Deonarain. “We’ve now got a chance to reset our priorities. Squandering money for failing systems is equivalent to squandering our health for a highly uncertain tomorrow. We need an integrated, collaborative approach which levels the playing field between alternative, conventional and many other health providers, and eliminates third-party control. This can only be achieved quickly via an online format which has the potential to go viral, thereby changing the entire healthcare system overnight.”

Deonarain has aligned with spiritual and life coaches, personal trainers, fitness experts, doctors, nutritionists, nurses, insurance and policy experts. She plans for this to become a combination of Angie’s List and Huffington Post online.

“We are primarily a teaching, networking and empowerment site,” she continues. “When people align themselves with like-minded individuals and learn how to practice health first instead of existing inside the fear of disease, they end up finding out that pursing health first is much, much cheaper than what external stakeholders want them to believe. And because they now have the power to create their own health networks through choice, people are much happier. Happy people are generally very healthy people.”

Citing broad-reaching escalation in health insurance, pharmaceutical, malpractice and modern disease cost curves from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, as well as struggling government programs like Medicare, Dr. Deonarain along with many other experts, firmly believe that America’s healthcare system is unsustainable and is set to collapse in the near future. When it implodes, states Deonarain, people will be desperate for something else. She believes that an online community hub which delivers empowering educational material, as well as health-focused collaborative networks of professionals, is that answer.

“The health-centric model is based on the understanding that health is determined by an individual, not by a doctor,” continues Dr. Deonarain. “But it also focuses on health first as a starting point, regardless of personal disease conditions. The model completely eliminates the division we have made between natural or alternative treatments, nutrition, exercise, spiritualism, energy medicine, and conventional medical cures, and is based on total democratic principles with respect to healthcare options. This is sorely needed for both patients and doctors today.”

For more information, visit the Health Conscious Movement official website at or any of the social media communities on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin and YouTube.

Dr. Deonarain’s upcoming new book The 7 Principles of Health: Your Call to Health Consciousness will be available on Amazon April 6, 2013. To pre-order a copy, please also visit the website at

About Natasha Deonarain, MD, MBA
Dr. Natasha Deonarain is a qualified medical doctor who has practiced over 20 years in Canada and the United States, opened three cutting-edge integrated urgent care clinics, and blogs extensively as a key thought leader in her industry.

About Us: The Health Conscious Movement seeks to teach Americans a new way of finding self-empowered, integrated health solutions by learning to operate from different paradigm than what is currently taught in medicine and healthcare systems. It brings together collaborative professionals from all fields under a health-centric™ model. Learn how to empower yourself along with others who want to change their lives and their world!

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