Linus Bike, Leading Developer of City Bikes, Responds to the Spread of Bike Polo

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Linus Bike responds to an article published by the Outside describing the growing popularity of bike polo in urban settings.

On March 13, Linus Bike responds to an article published by the Outside describing how the sport of bike polo developed and continues to gain popularity among bike enthusiasts in urban settings.

The Outside article introduces the concept of bike polo as an adaptation from the traditional sport of polo. The key differences between the two forms of polo are described as a shift from the well-dressed and wealthy to a comparatively gritty image.

“Polo is widely known as a game of manicured lawns, well-dressed horsemen, and ultimately, wealth. But, in the early 2000s a strange thing happened. The game gave birth to its own foil—a city game played by a gritty contingent that replaced horses with battle-worn bicycles. Players wore cutoff jeans, sported sleeved tattoos, and wore sticker-pocked skate helmets. They made mallets from ski poles and rebar, taking over tennis courts, street hockey rinks, and any other hard surface befitting of their game. They called their new sport hardcourt bicycle polo, and watched it grow from play on a single court in Seattle to a game enjoyed in over 30 countries and 300 cities around the world.”

Bike polo athlete and bicycle messenger Addison Minott describes bike polo as a sport for those who love being active with their bikes. The article identifies tennis courts, iceless hockey rinks, and other smoothly paved surfaces as ideal settings for competing city bikes (the sport is reported to be typically found in an urban setting). Despite bike polo’s humble beginnings, the article mentions that the spread of the sport now reaches beyond 30 countries and 300 cities.

“Because bike polo has such strong roots in pickup street games, its reach has spread fast, but it hasn’t really extended beyond the cycling world. The next step for the young sport is to gain a legitimate foothold in the worldwide sports community.”

The sport is noted a significant amount of popularity but the article states that the sport has not yet gained any official recognition. However, the article expresses hopes that bike polo will eventually make its debut in a setting such as the X Games. “Until then, the sport needs to keep attracting new generations of polo players to grow from a grassroots level,” says the article.

Sales Manager for Linus Bike, Jason Latty, responds to the rising popularity of bike polo. “Bike enthusiasts like Minott are very often a source of interest and inspiration for me. While the most common uses of bikes are commuting or joy riding, biking enthusiasts can always be relied on to come up with a creative means to use a bike. Bike polo sounds like an intense sport for the everyday biker – but that outsider quality will only serve to cement the bonds within the community of bike polo enthusiasts.”

Linus Bike is a California-based bicycle manufacturer that specializes in creating vintage style city bikes and commuter bikes. Not simply a bicycle company, Linus Bike sells a complete line of accessories for the environmentally conscious and for those who have a fondness for European style bicycles and the great tradition of European cycling.

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