New Teeth Straightening Technology at South Charlotte Dentistry

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There is now relief for adult patients that need teeth correction but have reservations about traditional braces. A new technology and new tools for teeth straightening are available at South Charlotte Dentistry.

6 Month Smiles Available at South Charlotte Dentistry, Charlotte NC

6 Month Smiles Technology Available at South Charlotte Dentistry, Charlotte NC

South Charlotte Dentist, Dr. James Wells announces the addition of a new teeth straightening technology to his practice. The Six Month Smiles® product line is a new tool in the dental field that allows patients to move through the teeth straightening process in record time. Dr. Wells reports, “Innovative dental braces and practices are changing the way people are correcting their smile. Getting dental braces no longer involves having a mouth full of stainless steel.”

This new technology uses low force to move the teeth gently, and does not require teeth extraction. There are fewer risks than with normal dental braces. There is also no risk of the root damage that can occur with regular braces, making it a safer process.

For much of the history of orthodontist dentistry, braces have been created from nickel, stainless steel or gold, and have involved years of tightening teeth and possible injury to lips. Roman tombs have even revealed dead buried with gold wires and bands wrapped around teeth in an apparent attempt to correct the smile. Recent innovations are changing all of this.

According to Dr. Wells, “The way you think of orthodontist dentistry changes today.” He adds, “I have a lot of adult patients that have not wanted to get braces because of the time and look of them, but they hear about the Six Month Smiles® process, and they are eager to try it.”

The Six Month Smiles® process uses the best and most effective orthodontic methods to create a healthy smile in a fraction of the time normal braces require. By moving the teeth into a placement that enhances the smile, the process takes only six months for most cases. It focuses on the cosmetic appearance of the teeth and mouth, instead of the position of the bite. This is how the Six Month Smiles® process can correct a smile in such a short time period.

“Six Month Smiles® combines the best of all our techniques,” says Dr. Wells. “My patients love the nearly invisible look referred to in their product line as Lucid Lok®. It makes them less self-conscious about the braces.”

Unlike metal braces, the Six Month Smiles clear brackets and tooth-colored wires seemingly vanish into the patient’s mouth. In most braces, a mouth full of shiny metal can be easily spotted. With the new system, people may not even notice that the patient has braces. This makes it a perfect fit for adults who want to fix their smile but do not want to draw attention to the process.

With a short treatment time and barely visible treatment equipment, patients can correct their smile with minimal notice to others. Patients may require a retainer after the braces have been removed that can be worn at night. Many patients have opted to do the treatment over the fall and winter so that they can have a normal smile for the summer when teeth are more noticeable.
Dr. Wells stated, “The process is simple and quick to apply to most of my patients. They are in an out with ease and with very little discomfort.”

In the past, applying braces required hours of dental work to extract teeth, place the brackets, string the wires, cut the wires, tighten everything, and then tie the wires off. This could be very painful as the patient’s teeth are pulled and moved during the setting and tightening. The Six Month Smiles® process eliminates the need for much of this, and makes the install process easier.

After the dentist has made a mold of the patient’s teeth, it is used to create the custom brackets that can then be transferred directly from the mold onto the patient. This is part of the Patient Tray Kit ™, and makes fitting the brackets into a patient’s mouth easier and painless. The Patient Tray Kits ™ include all the wires, ties, adhesive and reduction materials needed. It is quick and easy for both the patient and the dentist. The time required during the appointment can be compared to the time needed to use a bleaching tray.

The Six Month Smiles® process is easier, more comfortable, and perfect for adults. Dr. Wells encourages his patients to ask him about the process.

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