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The Orphan Foundation announces the Karma Lottery to give donors a chance to win the lottery in return for a charitable donation.

The Karma Lottery

What Goes Around, Comes Around

The Orphan Foundation is proud to announce the creation of a new type of fundraising event – The Karma Lottery – which will provide donors with the potential to win big because of their big hearts. In exchange for a donation increasing in value from $5 to $250, The Orphan Foundation gifts the donor a lottery ticket that ranges from a scratch-off ticket to season tickets for the Massachusetts Mega Millions Lottery.

“Instead of creating a typical black-tie gala, we wanted to give something back to our donors besides an expensive dinner,” according to Joe DiDonato, Co-Founder and President of the foundation. Many people play the lottery, but a win may be hard to come by. With that same thought in mind, Mr. DiDonato added, “We really wanted to help lottery players change their luck in exchange for their financial help with our mission.” Based on the mantra of good karma and “What goes around, comes around,” the Karma Lottery is meant to inspire others to feel good about donating to a worthwhile cause while pressing their luck as well.

Dr. Tatiana DiDonato, Co-Founder and advocate for orphans worldwide, has seen the need for increased adoption first hand. She explained, “The orphan crisis has reached epic proportions. The number of orphans and displaced children in the world now exceeds 163 million, making this combined population the equivalent of the 7th largest nation on the planet.” Dr. DiDonato has high hopes for this new fundraiser, saying, “We’re hoping our Karma Lottery will help a lot of the world’s children while positively impacting the lives of our donors at the same time.”

The Orphan Foundation reports that the cost of adopting is nearly $20,000 for a domestic adoption, and $25,000 to $40,000 for an international adoption. The average cost to adopt through the foster care system varies widely, and reflects local and state support for those programs. Joe DiDonato believes that this problem needs to be addressed, saying, “This financial burden has created a huge barrier to solving the orphan crisis, as the cost of adoption has skyrocketed out of the reach of most families.” Dr. Tatiana DiDonato went on to add, “Adoption should be free to any loving family that will open their hearts and homes to these beautiful children.”

For more information on The Orphan Foundation’s mission, please visit them online at To learn more about the Karma Lottery and how to donate to the cause, check out Please direct all media inquiries to Joe DiDonato at 413.821.6993.

About The Orphan Foundation:

The Orphan Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation, and is blessed with the wonderful mission of helping to rescue orphaned children - especially those children who are determined to have "special needs." The foundation helps lower and middle income US adopting families who are opening their hearts and homes to the world’s orphans. These wonderful families have a significantly increased financial burden due to the cost of the child's associated medical or psychological treatments. The foundation is a resource for the Dave Thomas Foundation’s adopting foster care families, and supports adoptions of all orphaned children around the world.

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