New Clinical Study Confirms the Effectiveness of EndyMed Medical's 3DEEP RF Technology in the Treatment of Facial Skin Laxity and Wrinkle Reduction on Asian Skin Types

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Just Released Peer Reviewed Study by Dr. Yohei Tanaka, titled "Objective Assessment of Skin Tightening Using Multisource, Phase-Controlled Radiofrequency in Asians," examined the advantages of the EndyMed PRO's multisource RF system as a safe and effective treatment platform for facial skin laxity and wrinkle reduction in Asian patients, using 3D objective facial volume assessments.

With the EndyMed PRO...our data show that phase-controlled, multisource RF irradiation provides safe and effective treatment of facial skin laxity and for wrinkle reduction in Asian patients.

The March 2013 edition of the Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications has published a study performed by Dr. Yohei Tanaka of the Clinica Tanaka Plastic, Reconstructive Surgery and Anti-Aging Center in Matsumoto, Japan on the effects of multisource RF treatments on Asian skin types, objectively evaluated for the first time with three-dimensional imaging.

Dr.Tanaka's study involved 20 Japanese volunteers, 18 females and 2 males, aged 26 to 69 years. The RF device used in the study was the FDA cleared EndyMed PRO, a system that uses multiple phase-controlled RF generators. The twenty volunteers were treated on both cheeks, three treatment sessions with a 1 week interval between treatments.

By using 3D images as an objective measurement, the study found significant improvements in skin laxity. There was a significant reduction of facial volume measured in the treated areas 3 months after the end of the treatment sessions, which proves a long lasting skin tightening effect due to collagen remodeling.    The study volunteers also reported a 95% satisfaction rate in the improvement of skin laxity, and a 90% satisfaction rate in the improvement of facial wrinkles.

Dr. Tanaka concluded that, in his view, the study proved the advantage of multisource RF treatments as a highly efficient, comfortable and low cost option for non invasive skin tightening. The data produced by the study shows that the EndyMed PRO's phase-controlled, multisource RF technology provides safe and effective treatment of facial skin laxity and wrinkle reduction in Asian patients.

One of the highlights of Dr. Tanaka's study is his use of 3D imaging with quantitative volume measurements to objectively assess the study's results. The 3D system is designed to accurately capture the surface shape, and indicates the volume changes between pre-treatment and post-treatment images in the face. By showing the varying degrees of skin tightening achieved in colors ranging from yellow to red, Dr. Tanaka's use of 3D imaging provided a unique insight into the depth and effectiveness of RF deep volumetric heating on treating skin laxity.

Non-invasive skin tightening procedures are increasingly on demand today, and radiofrequency technology is considered one of the best treatment options available. Most RF systems today use one (Monopolar) or two (bipolar) RF generators that allow relatively superficial or painful non-ablative treatments. EndyMed Medical developed a new, unique FDA cleared RF technology called 3DEEP, which uses, for the first time, multiple phase controlled RF generators that direct RF energy deep into the dermis for optimal, painless collagen remodeling.

The thermal effect of collagen remodeling reduces the appearance of wrinkles and laxity, and improves contours on both the face and body. Instead of one or two RF generator as used in competing systems, EndyMed's 3DEEP technology consists of an array of multiple RF generators and a sophisticated algorithm to manage the phase of the energy flowing between sets of contact electrodes. The repelling forces between adjacent electromagnetic fields drive the energy vertically into the target tissue, reducing significantly the energy flowing along the skin's surface and eliminating the need for skin cooling.

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