Noted Harvard Mind Scientist Howard Moskowitz Unveils Middle East Peace Project to Coincide with Obama Israel Visit

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Howard Moskowitz, in conjunction with Columbia University, has released details of a study to create peace messaging using his award-winning science that he hopes to disseminate amongst children in Israel and Palestine. With President Obama visiting Israel next week, Moskowitz hopes to find support for his project, which he says could result in peace in the Middle East in the coming years. News source:

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With President Obama visiting Israel in the next few days, Dr. Howard Moskowitz, the Edison-award winning Harvard scientist who cracked the code of influencing the human brain through targeted messaging, has announced a study to solve his greatest puzzle of all: the Palestinian-Isreali peace process. Dr. Moskowitz is using his breakthrough science of Mind Genomics to create a series of books and websites for children in the region, giving them specifically-engineered messages about peace scientifically proven to make a change in their behavior at a young age, which ultimately can lead to peace in the region. With the President visiting the region, Dr. Moskowitz hopes the heightened media exposure will assist him in spreading the word about his special project.

“Creating a mindset of peace in Palestinian and Isreali adults would be virtually impossible,” Moskowitz said. “But children are different. Even with their parents’ long-ingrained attitudes, children can be taught and influenced with specific messaging that will ultimately lead to a positive change in the region as they grow older.”

Dr. Moskowitz will crowdfund the studies needed to specifically craft messages to influence Isreali and Palestinian children. By seeking donations from the general public through his project on crowdfunding website, Dr. Moskowitz hopes to create greater public awareness of, and involvement in, his unique look at a peaceful solution to the longstanding crisis.

“Despite what you might expect, our studies so far have proven that Palestinians and Isrealis do not differ in what motivates them to work for peace,” Dr. Moskowitz states. “In fact, they share the same set of distinct mindsets. As a result, we can create special messaging to influence those distinct mindsets, and impart that influence on the children of the region.”

Dr. Moskowitz has been working on this project with a multicultural team of experts including a Palestinian professor, several Jewish and Arabic researchers and the International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution at Columbia University. The team has conducted a dozen studies in Hebrew and Arabic in the region, employing Mind Genomics, an award-winning methodology that not only revolutionized market research in the food industry for over 30 years, but also helped the American Heart Association increase donations by 42%, and allowed MasterCard be successfully introduced into China.

Mind Genomics has an impressive track record of success in creating effective messaging that stimulates the human brain to act. However, to bring this messaging to the children of Palestine and Isreal, Dr. Moskowitz needs help from the public. In order to make his dream of peace for Isreal and Palestine and Isrealis come true, additional studies are necessary, to be followed quickly by getting the messages into the hands and minds of Isreali children in Hebrew and Palestinian children in Arabic through various means of distribution.

“We will create websites, books, music videos, and advertisements that will help overcome the biases that parents try to build in,” Dr. Moskowitz said. “And if we do this right, we will also change the minds of a more than a few adults along the way.”

Dr. Moskowitz invites the President to share his vision with the Israeli leaders on his visit. "I would love for the President to pass along to the Israeli government that there are many of us in America who care about peace in the region," Dr. Moskowitz says. "And if somehow my study can help bring about that peace, it would be the greatest legacy I could possibly leave."

To make a donation to help fund Dr. Moskowitz’s peace project and for more information, visit

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