uKnowKids Provides Cyberbullying Tips and Resources for Delaware and Surrounding Areas With News of the Cyberbullying Law Taking Effect This Week

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With news of a new Delaware state law taking effect that will battle bullies who target victims through online communication, uKnowKids provides parents with what they need to know to keep their children safe from cyberbullying and immune to the pressures to cyberbully others.

If your child is a victim of cyberbullying, the signs are there. Look to see if they are shying away from the computer and phone, if they are alienating themselves from friends or if they are suddenly acting depressed.

According to Delaware Online, the new cyberbullying law will direct schools to treat cyberbullies in the same way they act on incidents that happen in the school. Schools have often struggled with responding to online bullies, citing the fact that they don’t have a way to punish for harassment that takes place on a computer off school grounds.

In light of this recent news, uKnowKids wants to offer cyberbullying resources and tips to parents and residents of Delaware and surrounding areas so that children will not be involved in a cyberbullying incident that could get them in trouble in school and even in the eyes of the law.

uKnowKids recently released an eBook entitled "10 Essential Things Parents Need to Know About Cyberbullying” that will be extremely helpful for all parents.
In addition, there are also multiple infographics, blog posts and tip sheets listed on uKnowKids’ cyberbullying prevention website in the resources section that every parent should read.

uKnowKids wants to make sure Delaware can keep young students safe from bullies online. This cyberbullying law is the first step. The next step is to utilize tools that are available to curb this growing problem of cyberbullying.’s own founder’s son had a scary incident stemming from an online encounter. Since that time, Tim Woda has made it his mission to educate himself about internet safety and spread the lessons he learned to as many parents as he could. He feels strongly that every parent should be aware of their child’s online and mobile activities so stories like this never have to happen again.

Tim has provided these cyberbullying safety tips for parents in Delaware.

--Understand the technology that your child is using. Be familiar with all the functions of the sites your child is using including social networks, gaming systems, mobile phones, chat sites, etc. Some of these could have messaging and photo-sharing options that you might not even be aware of.

--Be a vigilant parent. Know who your child is talking to and who is trying to talk to them. The more information you have about their interactions online, the better equipped you will be to interfere if anything dangerous should happen. Parental monitoring systems such as uKnowKids are a great way to help out with this task if you think it is too overwhelming.

--Know all of your child’s passwords. No exceptions.

--Communicate house rules. Before your child is allowed a phone or device with internet connection, he or she should be well-aware of any pre established house rules. Discuss your expectations for online behavior and the consequences for failing to meet those expectations, but also discuss the potential legal and social repercussions of actions online, such as sending images or cyberbullying.

--Look for warning signs. If your child is a victim of cyberbullying, the signs are there. Look to see if they are shying away from the computer and phone, if they are alienating themselves from friends or if they are suddenly acting depressed. On the flip side, your child should exhibit a change in behavior if they have started to become a bully online.

There are lessons that every parent and child need to learn about the dangers of cyberbullying, and Tim and his family know about them firsthand. Tim is open to speaking
more about his story and the lessons he learned so parents will take notice and keep their children safe online. uKnowKids is also open to free product distribution in schools and areas that have been affected by cyberbullying. If you are interested in speaking with Tim or want more information about cyberbullying tips, uKnowKids or product distribution, email Callie at charris(at)uknow(dot)com.


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