Troy Reddell: Finding Best Professional Mentor is Imperative

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A recent Business Insider report offers tips for locating the best professional mentor—a topic that has won the attention of Troy Reddell.

As a veteran of Australia’s prestigious Financial Executives Institute CFO mentoring program, Troy Reddell is nothing if not enthusiastic about the importance of finding a constructive, helpful business mentor. For many professionals, however, finding a good mentor can prove challenging. To this end, Business Insider has offered a set of tips, detailing some approaches to locating the best business mentor. The Business Insider tips have won a comment from Troy Reddell; he has responded to the article with a new statement to the press.

“Having been through a mentoring process I couldn’t speak more highly of it,” says Troy Reddell, in his press statement. “A strategy I would offer is finding someone external to the organization you work, which enables you to speak about issues that may be confronting you inside an organization you may not be able to speak about if the mentor was internal.”

Reddell continues his statement with further advice to those seeking a positive mentor relationship. “Equally important is finding a mentor with the right qualities and experience set; meanwhile, someone who is prepared to be fairly honest and direct with you is a key component to a rewarding mentor experience.” He then offers an endorsement of the mentoring program from which he graduated. “For aspiring CFOs, the Financial Executives Institute offers a fantastic CFO mentoring program.”

Meanwhile, the Business Insider article begins by advising professionals to avoid any would-be mentor who come across as “a courteous waiter.” The article notes that someone who is overeager to please, to keep everyone happy and comfortable, is simply not going to have the ability to deliver frank, constructive criticism—a necessary component of any mentoring experience. The article notes that such a person is simply not qualified to be a good teacher, coach, or professional mentor.

Business Insider also recommends seeking out “someone who scares you a little.” The article defines this as a person who is attentive, action-oriented, and, above all, willing to offer honest feedback.

The article continues by listing further traits of a great mentor. One trait is a willingness to provide short and direct instructions; great mentors seldom make “long-winded speeches,” Business Insider notes. A mentor is also someone who excels at teaching fundamental skills, devoting ample amounts of time to “seemingly small” skills. The article uses an illustration from golf, noting that the best golf coaches are those who are willing to spend plenty of time working with a player on such seemingly minor matters as grip.

The article concludes by noting that, with all else being equal, the best mentor is usually an older person—someone who has ample experience to share.

Troy Reddell is an Australian business veteran, with years of experience in commercial management, contract oversight, and corporate finance; he is zealous about professional mentoring programs.


Troy Reddell is an Australia business veteran. His areas of specialization include business turnarounds, mergers and acquisitions, contract negotiations, business improvement with significant cross border experience. He is an experienced a CFO, Chartered Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst.

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