Antidote to Working Pressures; Inner Landscapes 2013 Events Combine Personal Development with the Power of Nature

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Work-life balance? Many people don't know where to start – Inner Landscapes uses facilitated ecotherapy workshops to put back what's missing in modern lifestyles.

We all need time to pause and reflect, but that is often easier said than done.

With work pressures on the increase and unlikely to abate it is fitting that employees find ways of increasing their levels of resilience and do what they can to create a lifestyle that puts wellbeing at the top of their personal agenda. Inner Landscapes has just launched its 2013 calendar with new events aimed at enhancing well being and increasing personal resilience.

It seems that our species simply has not evolved quickly enough to deal with the daily demands of the typical urban lifestyle. The habits and routines that helped keep earlier generations fit and provided a balance that reduced stress just aren't there any more. People lead a more sedentary lifestyle and work tends to involve less physical activity. The pace of life is quicker too, leaving less time for reflection and introspection; many people are chronically over-stimulated and shun boredom as though it was a disease.

Of course a certain amount of stress is necessary and beneficial. But even those who thrive on competition, stimulus and demand, must learn to balance this with periods where they can withdraw, reflect and make sense of the world, if they are to remain on top of their game. Most people know this intuitively, which is why a common treatment for stress is 'time off', but this generally comes too late when victims of stress have lost the ability to bounce back. The trick to avoiding this is to adopt habits of reslience so that they can keep from slipping over the brink and into stress and suffering.

Resilient people know this and prioritise activities that help them recharge and sustain optimum levels of physical and mental energy. But what can one do when, despite best intentions, these balancing factors – family time, good sleep, regular exercise, healthy diet for example – have been pushed out? When daily routines are so demanding that they leave no time to step back and reflect, to attend to the needs of mind and body?

Personal development consultant Barry Winbolt founded Inner Landscapes because he recognised that though many people feel trapped in unhealthy lifestyles they also feel powerless to change things. Having spoken to thousands of people in the last 20 years, he saw that short breaks, and contact with nature, linked to practical guidance on wellbeing would put a healthier and more satisfying lifestyle within anyone's reach.

"We all need time to pause and reflect", he says, "but that is often easier said than done. I decided to launch nature retreats with focused activities to get people back on track."

As Inner Landscapes enters its second year of activity the new calendar offers one- and two-day events that the much-needed ingredients of a modern day stress antidote. Even a single day can make a difference, as Diane, a recent delegate summed up her experience: "It was a lovely space to take a fresh look at my future choices and directions."

About Inner Landscapes

East Sussex based Inner Landscapes was founded in 2012 by Barry Winbolt, to provide retreats and workshops to enable people to find greater satisfaction and fulfillment in their lives. The organisation uses reflective personal development techniques, that include walking in the natural environment, combined with carefully structured workshops and exercises held indoors, in locations chosen for their inspirational qualities.

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