Bellucci Premium Applauds Study for Recognizing Health Pros of Organic Olive Oil in Mediterranean Diet

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Consumer Reports details new study finding diets high in olive oil and nuts can prevent heart disease. Bellucci Premium reviews the study and offers commentary on the benefits of organic olive oil in diet.

On March 15, Natalie Sexenian, Marketing Manager for organic olive oil company Bellucci Premium, responds a new study that found people who consume a lot of olive oil have a lesser risk of heart disease.

According to Consumer Reports, a study conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine discovered that a diet full of olive oil, nuts, beans, fish, fruit and vegetables holds the key to preventing heart disease and stroke. A diet like this can cut a person’s risk for heart problems about 30 percent even for people at high risk, reports Consumer Reports.

However, that the research found that all of these foods for this type of diet, called the “Mediterranean Diet,” must be consumed together to reap the benefits of lowering heart disease risk, Consumer Reports reported.

Sexenian says the findings of this study just further prove how beneficial organic olive oil is in a healthy diet. “Italians and Spaniards have been eating this type of diet for a long time,” she says. “It’s no wonder why we live so long. Our countries have developed cuisines synonymous with olive oil, nuts and fish. It’s great to know these foods that are staples in our diet also work to lower the risk of heart disease.”

Organic olive oil has a lot of unsaturated fat, which helps lower blood pressure and promotes a healthy heart Sexenian adds.

Sexenian said many people shy away from olive oil because of its bitter taste, but it has many health benefits that can’t be ignored. “Don’t be discouraged by the taste,” she says. “There are many recipes that call for olive oil and it can actually improve the taste of the dish. It also doubles as a heart healthy butter substitute.”

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