Colle Farmers Market Applauds Recent Finding That Organic Food is More Nutritious

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Colle Farmers Market commends a new study conducted by Brazilian biologists proving that organic tomatoes possess greater nutritional quality and antioxidant properties than conventional tomatoes. Colle asserts that the research potentially represents a valuable contribution to the argument for the superiority of organic food.

On March 14, 2013, Colle Farmers Market, the online network of organic farmers markets, praises new research indicating that organic food contains greater nutritional and antioxidant content than food produced using conventional production methods.

A recent article in the Pacific Standard Magazine discusses the research and provides information on the nutritional benefits conferred by organic tomatoes. According to the article, the team of Brazilian biologists that authored the study “[make] a compelling case for the nutritional superiority of organic tomatoes.”

The authors of the study proposed that although organic tomatoes may be physically smaller, the environmental stress they undergo during the organic farming process makes them more robust and nutrient-dense, with greater levels of phytochemicals and antioxidants. They found that although conventionally grown tomatoes were “31 percent larger and 60 percent heavier than their organic cousins, they were lacking in phytochemicals.” This led them to conclude that when it comes to produce, we're better off stressing quality over quantity.

“Until recently, the focus has been mainly on yield rather than on gustative and micronutritional quality of fresh plant products,” said the Brazilian biologists in the article summarizing their research. “This might be all right for staple food, but, as far as fruits and vegetables are concerned, it may be argued that gustative and micronutritional quality matter more than energy supply. Our observations suggest that, at least for fruit and vegetable production, growers should not systematically try to reduce stress to maximize yield and fruit size, but should accept a certain level of stress as that imposed by organic farming with the objective of improving certain aspects of product quality.”

Colle Farmers Market responds to the research, affirming that organic farming practices yield foods with greater nutritional value in addition to being more sustainable than conventional farming practices. “We certainly know that fruits and vegetables offer various health benefits – including reduced risk of conditions like cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure,” comments a representative from Colle. “But what if we could make our produce be even more nutritious and fortifying? This research shows us another great reason why organic food is a better choice for the consumer.”

Colle is an E-Commerce enabled farmers market community that is passionate about sustainable consumption and responsible conservation. The Colle movement is dedicated to connecting natural product vendors, organic farmers and all people who are living an organic and natural lifestyle.


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