WeFollowJesus.org Announces the Availability of the Domain Name OurLordJesusChri.st—Just in Time for Easter

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Thanks to the History Channel, people are talking about “The Bible.” Its ongoing success helps create an Internet outreach opportunity with domain names like JesusSav.es and OurLordJesusChri.st that are being offered exclusively at http://www.WeFollowJesus.org — just in time for Easter.

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“The ever-expanding global demand for the best web addresses and limited supply of them will perpetually force the value of Sacred Web Addresses to keep going up,” Rev. Thabiti said.

If there was ever a question about the power of the Good Book, History Channel’s mini-series “The Bible” answered it convincingly with a record-setting audience and a corresponding Twitter tsunami. That’s no surprise to the Rev. Thabiti, public relations director for http://www.WeFollowJesus.org, which is dedicated to the proliferation of spiritually oriented web addresses, especially with Holy Week and Easter Sunday just around the corner.

“Christianity is the largest religion in the world with an estimated following of more than 2 billion people, and that’s why this is a big deal,” he said. “People everywhere are looking for the best places to invest, and every true Christian knows, you can never lose investing in the Lord.”

Perhaps that’s why the History Channel’s mini-series “The Bible” did so well. ABC News and Time Magazine called it a “Hit.” The Christian Post dubbed it “a huge ratings success.” One thing is for sure: People are talking about “The Bible”—and that creates outreach opportunities.

Rev. Thabiti appreciates the power of the media and the opportunities it can create. He is author of the book “All About You” and producer/host of the radio program “A Golden Moment”—as well as a popular print columnist. In his capacity as a media observer, he has seen people make money leveraging domain names, also called web addresses, essentially the Internet equivalent of a real estate investment.

“The problem is, with over 90,000 new web addresses being registered every day, there is an overwhelming global demand for the best web addresses but a limited supply of them,” the reverend said, “especially the ones considered rare, exclusive, holy and sacred.”

For example, just this past February, Pastor.com sold for $45,000 and Pulpit.com went for $25,000, according to DN Journal, “The Domain Industry News Magazine” (http://www.dnjournal.com/ytd-sales-charts.htm).

In April 2012 Outreach.org sold for $90,400 (http://www.dnjournal.com/archive/domainsales/2011/2011-final-ytd-sales-charts.htm).

Jesus.net did even better, at $124,337—though the blockbuster of Christendom may well have been Christian.com which sold for $600,000 (http://www.domaining.com/topsales).

According to Rev. Thabiti, WeFollowJesus.org provides “world exclusive sacred web-addresses with ICANN-approved extensions that separate and distinguish these domain names from all other web address extensions.”

ICANN, which stands for the International Committee for the Assignment of Names and Numbers, is the highest Internet governing authority. It can determine what can and can’t be a working domain name, as well as who is allowed to be a primary registrar authorized to sell them.

A key aspect of the Sacred Domain Names showcased at WeFollowJesus.org is that they use or include actual web address extensions to complete the spelling of the name. This means they cannot be matched or duplicated by any other web address extension.

“For example,” Rev. Thabiti said, “ThankYouJesus ending in .com can be duplicated by ThankYouJesus ending in .net or .org but no other web address can duplicate http://www.ThankYouJes.us because the .US extension is needed to complete the spelling of the word, name or address.”

Other domain names exclusively available at WeFollowJesus.org include:






“The ever-expanding global demand for the best web addresses and limited supply of them will perpetually force the value of Sacred Web Addresses to keep going up,” Rev. Thabiti said, adding that “the explosive success of ChristianMingle.com as well as online live streaming ministries prove that Christianity is moving fast into cyberspace.”

Research backs that up:

The Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project (http://www.pewinternet.org/Reports/2011/Social-side-of-religious/Overview.aspx) reported that nearly 80 percent of “religious active Americans” describe themselves as “active Internet users.” In addition, a separate study by the Hartford Institute for Religious Research (http://www.hartfordinstitute.org/research/technology-Internet-use.html) found that about 70 percent of the 330,000-plus churches in America have a website.

Rev. Thabiti noted that, “People who still think that investing in dotcoms is a good idea should also invest in 8-track tapes because they don’t understand the nature and speed of technology. Not only is the Internet here to stay, it will not stop and wait for anybody.”

Marquette Williams, Jr., a senior pastor in New Jersey, observed that, “As crazy as it may sound to non-believers, the Lord ultimately determines who gets to prosper in His Name and anyone who visits this website will see that they are definitely dialed-in to Divine Authority—there’s no other way to explain it.”

For more information about the availability of Sacred Domain Names, visit http://www.WeFollowJesus.org or call 1 (720) 987-5252.

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