How to Maintain Productivity Amidst the Distractions of Workplace Technology

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Apex Performance recently released the findings from their study “Attention in the 21st Century” that found checking e-mail every 10-20 minutes decreased employee’s productivity rather than enhancing it.

Apex Performance recently released the findings from their study “Attention in the 21st Century” that checking e-mail every 10-20 minutes decreased employee’s productivity rather than enhancing it. Use of email, instant messaging, smart phones and tablets are all meant to increase productivity and streamline communication in the workplace. While there is no doubt that technology is helpful in the workplace, the study by Apex Performance found that all of these distractions actually decrease productivity because of the amount of time it takes for individuals to re-focus. Supported by a previous study conducted by Apex in 2006 that shows you cannot effectively focus on two things at one. The findings from the most recent study were featured in USA Today, Intuit, and EHS Weekly.

In a day and age where shunning technology isn’t an option how do workers stay focused and on task with all of the constant beeps, alerts and email pop ups? The key is being able to shift your focus quickly. Just like you can train your body, you can also train your mind. What is important is that increasing individual’s ability to pay attention ultimately increases the organization's productivity. While managers can prioritize projects to employees, it is up to the individual to prioritize information and task as they come in.

Apex Performance teaches clients how to pay attention using new concepts in brain science and state-of-the-art technologies such as advanced biofeedback technologies which give instant feedback and measurable results.

Apex Performance suggests the following three methods to stay focused and on task amidst distractions:

1.    Finding the One Point
It is increasingly easy in today's office environment to become sidetracked by email notifications, instant messaging, and the general "on-call" mentality of smartphone communication. Not having any specific methods or tools to aid concentration can lead to even more significant productivity losses. Most employees know exactly on what they need to concentrate, but know little about how to concentrate. While supervisors may be able to prioritize tasks for a particular project or within a department, individuals working on a particular assignment must be able to quickly recognize and select the most critical "target(s)" and remain focused regardless of the demands and surrounding circumstances. By implementing state-of-the-art technologies as well as new brain science concepts, Apex teaches and develops attention control as one of the critical skills for achieving peak performance in complex, uncertain and ambiguous business environments.

2.    Repetition and Comfort
While knowing how to zone in on the most critical target is extremely important, having a process for getting into a state of complete concentration is just as crucial. The ability to get into, or recover, an attentive state amidst distractions is also significantly aided by a pre-performance routine. This is not to say that employees working in a volatile and unpredictable work environment can ignore unexpected events that require immediate action; rather, it is the Apex philosophy that each individual learn what steps they must take in order to feel prepared and comfortable under any conditions. Developing and utilizing a pre-performance routine with an Apex Peak Performance Trainer allows an individual to prepare for the unexpected, thus maintaining the ability to perform exceptionally, even in a chaotic situation.

3.    Don't Think, Just Do
Without proper training and good feedback it becomes very difficult to improve on any skill, let alone a mental skill like attention. Not only do we at Apex provide expert instruction, training, and instant feedback using advanced biofeedback technologies, but we also develop the ability to "turn off" the analytical part of the brain so that complete immersion in the task at hand can be achieved. This deliberate practice leads to lasting, transferable attention skills that result in vastly improved focus and concentration for the individual and significant gains in productivity and efficiency for the organization.

Apex Performance provides performance improvement services to military units, pro and college athletes and senior executives who need to build mental agility and mental toughness. APEX Performance offers training to deliver results on the core of leadership – self-awareness, confidence, mental agility, and composure.

A key part of Apex Training is to emphasize attention, especially how we pay attention. One of the most critical aspects of being able to perform well in a highly distractive world is to develop attention skills. Attention training is one of five key mental skills that encompass the “Apex Model”.

Utilizing a combination of personalized development programs, follow-up coaching, and advanced sensory technology, APEX provides the tools and learning required to achieve optimal focus and sustained peak performance. Apex Performance is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. To learn more, go to

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