Online Bed Quilt Sheds Light on Mattress Myths and Offers Tips on Finding the Best Mattress

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Online Bed Quilt gives tips on what to look for when finding the best mattress and debunks some myths to purchasing mattresses.

On March 21, Online Bed Quilt responds to an article published by the Journal News, which outlines how to determine the best mattress for a person’s body.

According to The Journal News, there are many factors to consider when purchasing a mattress today. Years ago, mattress salesmen would just ask if a customer wanted a hard, medium or soft mattress; today, there are many mattress options.

Justin Maas, a representative from mattress review company Online Bed Quilt, says the first thing to do is find out how old your current mattress is. “If you’re mattress is over 8 years old, you probably need a new one,” he says. “Many people keep mattresses for over 10 years but old mattresses do more harm than good because they lose their supportive properties. Even though your mattress might still look like it’s in good condition on the outside, the inside might be deteriorated. It’s best to replace mattresses after a certain number of years, not when you start to notice sagging or tearing.”

Once the age of your current bed is confirmed, Maas says people should research the different types of mattresses out there and test them at the store. “The only way you’re going to know if you like a mattress is spending a few minutes laying down on it,” he says. “There are memory foam mattresses, inner-spring mattresses, adjustable beds and pillow tops. The most important thing to consider is the alignment of your spine when you lay down. To choose from one of those types, I’d suggest laying on each one for a good 10 to 15 minutes.”

However, Maas also says there are certain myths that consumers need to be aware of. The best mattress for your body could be a cheaper option. It all depends on your body type. “It doesn’t really matter if a mattress is silk or wool because you’re going to cover it with sheets and maybe even a mattress protector,” he says. “The materials make it more expensive, but what matters is the inside of the mattress. Make sure you read labels to find out what kind of components are inside of the mattress.”

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