Kleen Car Auto Appearance announces a new website for vapor steam cleaners. Focusing on Hotel cleaning, steam offers a chemical-free way to sanitize, save time and money

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Steam cleaning a hotel will aid in overall cleanliness, time and money savings, and overall customer satisfaction. Read more on why hotel housekeepers should be using a vapor steamer.

vapore 2800 commercial steam cleaner

Commercial steam cleaner for hotel cleaning

"there is a steam cleaner for every use, in every price range including an affordable lease to purchase program

Kleen Car Auto Appearance announces new site for vapor steam cleaners. Kleen Car, based in New Milford, NJ is a company devoted to steam cleaning and “green” cleaning. Kevin Farrell, the owner has been using steam vapor effectively to clean cars for over 10 years. To get filthy cars clean, he found that super heated steam vapor did a much better job than harsh chemicals and harsh brushes. The results were cleaner cars, done faster, with fewer chemicals and an extremely fast dry time.

The new, steam cleaner ONLY website, Kleen Steam, provides commercial grade steam cleaning equipment to the auto detailing industry, car washes, major car manufacturers and car rental companies for many years. Because of the health benefits associated with steam cleaning use, we also now sell to major hotel chains, restaurants, and medical facilities to steam clean and sanitize. Farrell adds "there is a steam cleaner for every use, in every price range including an affordable lease to purchase program”.

Kleen Steam announces new commercial steam cleaners and uses in hotel cleaning and hospitality management.

Steam cleaning has been proven effective in the elimination of bacteria, viruses, pathogens and all kinds of germs, as well as the number one fear…..bed bugs! Keeping a hotel clean is a huge job, very expensive, and can be very time consuming. A hotel may have dozens or even hundreds of rooms to keep clean. When you look at what needs to be cleaned in a room that you may sleep in, are you confident that it is truly clean? One of the main reasons a hotel guest will NEVER return to a hotel is odors and an un-clean room.

Our line of commercial steam cleaners for hotel cleaning can clean every inch of a hotel room, as well as, every inch of a hotel. Our commercial steam cleaners are portable, (the average weight is less than 20 pounds), and can be plugged in anywhere as they run on 110 volt electric. The steam machines can be brought from the hotel rooms, to the restaurant kitchen, to the lobby, and back for another round of steam cleaning. These steam cleaners can be run all day long and with ZERO down time! Starting with the bathroom, a steam cleaner will clean toilets and seats, inside the toilet bowl, flush handles, tile flooring, marble and grout, sinks and basins, faucets, towels holders. In the main part of the hotel room, the intense hot vapor will clean chairs and sofa cushions that have stains or odors, work tables, TV remotes, refrigerators, counter-tops, windows and glass, bed spreads and duvets, curtains and draperies, air conditioning and heating units.

Hotel Customer satisfaction
To be able to advertise that ALL your hotel rooms are 100% clean and sanitized AT ALL TIMES is something not even the most recognized 5 star hotels can brag about. To obtain the highest ratings on user generated websites where the consumers are rating the hotel, the most important thing is cleanliness of the rooms. When customers are apprehensive of a dirty room, they will look for other things that may lead to a downward rating. If the bedding is dirty, musty or has a foul odor, there will be problems. If the bathroom is dirty, or has an excessive chemical smell, the ratings will plummet online.

Cut down your chemical use by at least 50%. Cut down the time spent cleaning by 30% or more. Reduce your laundry load by steamimg items instead of washing them. Eliminate and prevent bed bugs by steam cleaning. Eliminate viruses and bacteria with steam cleaning.
If steam cleaners were to be used in the hotel cleaning process, these issues would be solved immediately and ratings will soar! Steam cleaning a hotel room is proven to get it done faster, more effectively and with less or zero chemical. Why isn’t YOUR hotel using steam to clean? The cleanliness and sanitizing effects of steam, combined with the time savings, will turn the hotel’s maintenance department into an all-star cleaning team.

Steam cleaner financing programs
For small and large businesses, our great leasing and finance plans make it affordable to get the steam cleaner your business needs today.
Contact our office for additional information or to apply.

Kleen Steam is the specialist for all cleaning solutions
Steam can clean hospitals, medical offices, food packaging plants, bakeries, restaurants, general office cleaning, and of course detailing cars, which is where we started. If there is something you need to clean, chances are that it can be cleaned with steam. We know vapor steam technology

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