Sound Science: How Does Sound Lift Skin & Melt Fat?

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Sound waves have been used as a medical diagnostic tool for years, but have also proved successful for cosmetic purposes by delivering precise, controlled and predictable results to reduce wrinkles and excess fat. New York Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Cameron Rokhsar, M.D., will present the latest findings to tighten skin without surgery at the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery Conference in April.

Ultrasound is the new frontier in aesthetic dermatology. Ultrasound technology enables physicians to see deep into the structures of the skin to lift and tighten skin, as well as destroy fat without surgery.

Ultrasound is a unique and effective treatment to lift and tighten skin, as well as reduce fat without making a surgical incision. Technologies such as lasers and radiofrequency are commonly used for non-invasive skin tightening procedures.

Dr. Rokhsar conducted a clinical trial on a device that uses high-intensity focused ultrasound, (Ultherapy) and its ability to tighten elbow skin. The “Evaluation of the Ulthera System for Lifting and Tightening of the Elbow Tissue” study will be presented at the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery in Boston this coming April.

Ultrasound has been used for medical diagnostics as a tool for physicians to monitor the progress of a woman’s pregnancy for years. Ultrasound is energy that is generated by sound waves of 20,000 or more vibrations per second and uses specific sound waves that are far above the frequency that can be heard by the human ear.

A transducer is a hand-held device that converts a signal in one form of energy into another form, and when used for cosmetic procedures, emits sound waves into the organs and tissues. The sound waves are reflected back and form a picture of what is inside the body, which is displayed on a screen for the physician while they perform the procedure. This provides additional control for the physician to ensure a patient’s cosmetic goals of both fat and wrinkle reduction.

In dermatology, sound is now being used to melt fat as well as tighten skin. Liposonix, used for non surgical fat reduction, uses High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) waves to selectively treat and dissolve fat cells. This provides a custom contouring capability to eliminate exercise stubborn fat. The ultrasound energy heats up the targeted fat and thermally ablates it, which is then digested through the body’s natural processes. Results begin to show over the next 8 to 12 weeks with continued progressive improvements in fat reduction up to four months post-treatment.

Before ultrasound’s cosmetic uses, High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound technology had previously been used as a medical application to destroy prostate tumors, treat uterine fibroids, and deliver drugs across the brain’s blood barrier.

For those that are surgery averse but wish they could slow down the aging process, a treatment that uses unique ultrasound technology is a new and effective skin rejuvenating option. Dermatologists are rapidly recommending Ultherapy to patients seeking younger skin. Ultherapy emits focused ultrasound energy below the skin’s surface to lift the layers, essentially tightening and smoothing out wrinkles and sagging skin.

Ultherapy is ideal for treating and tightening loose sagging skin in the face, neck, under the chin, along the jaw line and brow. It is designed for patients who are ambivalent about a surgical facelift, for those would rather improve their appearance with a non-invasive approach, or for the busy individual who doesn’t have time for long procedures or the recovery time that follows.

The ultrasound energy is administered through a smooth hand piece, which is placed on the skin. This hand piece directly delivers tiny deposits of ultrasound energy below the dermal layer and into the fibromuscular layer where collagen production is promoted. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that is responsible for keeping the skin tight and smooth. Located in the dermis, the layer located just beneath the epidermis, collagen has the ability to partially reverse the aging process. The natural loss of elasticity and volume creates unwanted wrinkles and facial lines. Ultherapy stimulates the repair process that strengthens existing collagen within the skin to produce fresh, new collagen, ultimately creating a stronger and tighter structure within the dermis layer.

The ability to treat the skin’s foundation without disrupting the outer layer, as well as creating underlying support from the inside out makes Ultherapy one of the most innovative skin-tightening treatments available today. The ultrasound imaging allows physicians to actually see the layers of tissue that are targeted for treatment in order to ensure optimum effectiveness. This “see and treat” procedure allows the physician to administer treatment with precision and accuracy, providing the patient with excellent results. This 60 to 90 minute treatment will progressively show results 2 to 3 months afterwards and continued improvements for up to 6 months.

“Ultrasound is the new frontier in aesthetic dermatology. Ultrasound technology enables physicians to see deep into the structures of the skin to lift and tighten skin, as well as destroy fat without surgery,” Dr. Rokhsar says. “Allowing physicians to actually see the skin tissue provides more control and precision during the procedure.”

Ultrasound’s defining feature is its ability to deliver deep treatment through the skin and subcutaneous tissue, which is the deepest layer of the skin and where the connective and elastic tissue lies. Both Ultherapy and Liposonix utilize ultrasound technology, providing patients with yet another non-surgical option to achieve their cosmetic goals. Ultrasound is something that most thought could only be used for expectant mothers to monitor the health and gender of their baby, but is now demonstrating significant success in cosmetic dermatology.

Dr. Cameron K. Rokhsar, M.D., is the leading authority in laser surgery and non-invasive techniques, Dr. Rokhsar, has extensive training and expertise in the field of skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. A graduate of Harvard and New York University, Dr. Rokhsar is a fellowship-trained dermatologist and laser surgeon and extensively published medical author and Professor of Dermatology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. His offices are located in New York City and Garden City, Long Island.

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