Brownie Wise LLC Announces Unique Proprietary Technology That Unifies Strong Prison Wives with The Prison Press

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Brownie Wise LLC has announced the creation of a new form of proprietary technology that will serve as a solution to the many problems social media users and those suffering from lack of marketing may face. Brownie Wise LLC via The Social Slammer and Prison Press will take proprietary technology to new levels through its unique functionality.

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Life as a prison wife isn't easy. It’s difficult for our members to muster up strength or find the light in the darkness of the 'hell' they feel they are living. I want to share the light." - Ro, Strong Prison Wives

Brownie Wise LLC is a company built upon the foundation of being able to help Internet startup companies and small businesses manage and maintain online marketing solutions while adhering to the touch and strict standards set forth by Google's complex algorithm. These complex algorithms are mathematical instructions that are used to tell computers how to complete assigned tasks by its user. Google's specific algorithm does all the work for its user by mainly searching for web pages that contain keywords input into the search bar based off of several deciding factors.

Due to the fact that most individuals do not have the time to construct editorials for daily blogging or the money to overpay marketing firms who manage social media efforts, Brownie Wise LLC has brought forth an innovative form of proprietary technology in order to serve as a solution to these problems. The Social Slammer serves as a means of solution and is taking proprietary technology to new heights as seen through the functionality of The Prison Press. Upon a newly concocted partnership with Strong Prison Wives, The Prison Press hopes to restore the loving connections once lost in the translation of the legal system.

Jason Draizin, CEO of Brownie Wise LLC, was asked to further explain this concept of innovative proprietary technology, Draizin responded by saying, "While we were developing The Prison Press, we decided to attempt to build it in a fashion that we could easily replicate in order to allow an individual to control nearly every aspect of running their own online business along with it's complete marketing efforts all by simply creating one Facebook post on their business' fan page. If given the chance and wish to see an example of this technology, feel free to look on The Prison Press' blog section in order to see an example of how we would add a specific page title to the bottom of our Facebook posts. This dynamically generates a new blog, article and page title, all while pulling in the posts as a blog and optimizing it for new keywords while adding a visual representation alongside the comments. Pictures and reviews of the individuals who have liked the post will be available which allows you the option to connect directly to them. All posts, comments, responses and reviews can be added directly through Facebook or onto your blog, and will appear in both places as a live and fully functional forum. Our intention is to deliver this service as an additional product of The Social Slammer while offering this technology alongside a functional dashboard that is fully capable of integrating our mailing system as well as our connection with printing companies in order to deliver direct mail and client newsletters with a direct response mechanism."

Along with the forthcoming of this exceptional technology, The Prison Press Company has formed a strong conjunction with Strong Prison Wives. Strong Prison Wives is an online hub of empowered and encouraging women who are the girlfriends, wives and partners of incarcerated individuals. These women are the writers and readers of Strong Prison Wives and help other women in the same predicament strive to be provided with answers, resources and an immense amount of support. Co-founder of Strong Prison Wives, Ro, is currently running this organization as a non-profit support hub for women alongside working her primary occupation. Ro co-founded an organization that she truly cares for and spreads her compassion to whoever is in need. "Sharing the common bond of being the outside half of a prison relationship made Annette and I realize that we could share our passion for helping others in the form of something so dear to our hearts. Hence, the concept of “Strong Prison Wives” –- a site dedicated to encouraging and empowering women on our plight as prison wives -- was born. Life as a prison wife isn't easy. It’s difficult for our members to muster up strength or find the light in the darkness of the 'hell' they feel they are living. I want to share the light by supporting everyone within my reach; who needs help finding their smile,’ says Ro.

A bonafide relationship ensued between these two organizations after an extremely positive and encouraging review was left under the testimonial section of The Prison Press. Ro initially expressed in early talks that she was always having problems with keeping up with the maintenance of her blog. Due to working full-time, accumulating late nights at the gym, spending time with her family and working on a few online endeavors, there was barely any time for updates. The Prison Press Company has agreed to come to Ro's aid and help her become integrated through RSS feeds, link exchanges and even serve as a weekly guest blogger on her website, The two parties are also involved in preliminary discussions on attempting to integrate The Social Slammer proprietary technology into the Strong Prison Wives website in order to take advantage of their 1,400 member strong online Facebook community. Members of Strong Prison Wives will soon be invited to a Facebook event in which they will receive special discount coupons in order to truly utilize The Prison Press system and stay connected to their love ones and children.

John Nicolazzo, an affiliating partner of The Prison Press, said, "We are delighted to be able to help out and become an integral part of this charitable and encouraging organization through the donation of our proprietary technology. We believe that this is going to be an exceptional business relationship due to the solidified online community that Strong Prison Wives has built through Facebook. Our conjunction with Strong Prison Wives is a perfect fit and to integrate a company which has such a bonafide community already existing in one area of the web, we can now be almost seamlessly integrated into their web portal. We are hopeful that after this is incorporated, Ro will be able to return to her daily activities and routines that keep her mind from wandering and relishing the anticipated reunion with her loved one. We want to extinguish any over extending of herself that Ro may do in order to keep others less informed and in the same situation that she was in before she created such a company to help lessen the hardships of losing a loved one to incarceration."

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