Top Philanthropists Applauded by Chrissy Weems

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Chrissy Weems encourages CEOs and other business leaders to encourage philanthropic activities within the professional sphere.

Noted philanthropist Chrissy Weems is encouraging CEOs and other business leaders to take an interest in charitable activities and incorporate these events into their business models. Her efforts to raise further awareness regarding the place of philanthropy in the work environment were sparked by an article published by CNBC that highlights the manner in which business leaders in Silicon Valley are transforming the idea of philanthropy. According to the article, the founders of Facebook and Google were listed among the top five on the 2012 list of The Chronicle of Philanthropy's Top 50 Most Generous Donors.

Dubbed "nerd philanthropy," this trend in charitable giving has resulted in billions of dollars being transferred from some of the most notable startup and tech companies in the Valley to leading philanthropic organizations. The article explains the definition of this new term: "Stacy Palmer, editor of the Chronicle of Philanthropy, said the rise of young, tech givers signals the emergence [of] 'nerd philanthropy,' where newly rich tech geeks channel their giving dollars to science, technology and data solutions to solve the world's problems, rather than just building hospital wings or writing checks to the Red Cross."

The article goes on to explain that this particular form of philanthropy is attractive to these donors because it allows them to see the impact that their giving has on specific projects, research studies, and populations. Additionally, the article notes that so-called nerd philanthropists are less likely to share information about their charitable activities and are more prone to keeping their philanthropic works under a low profile.

"Given the state of the economy, it is refreshing to see philanthropy on the rise," comments Chrissy Weems. "In order for society to grow and prosper, it should be a moral obligation for CEOs to make a difference in their communities through charitable acts and altruism."

Weems encourages business owners to consider how incorporating philanthropy into their business models could enhance their social responsibility and corporate culture. Additionally, doing so could support local communities that have contributed to the rise of these companies, thereby giving back to the populations that have enabled them to achieve success to begin with. Weems believes that, if a higher percentage of companies engaged in philanthropic activities, businesses could make a significant and positive impact on the non-profit industry.


Chrissy Weems is an entrepreneur and artist who lives in Chandler, Arizona, with her spouse and children. She has dedicated her life to serving others and has, as a result, organized numerous volunteer initiatives. These include projects to help victims of Hurricane Katrina and support the work of her church in her community. Additionally, Chrissy Weems has participated in domestic violence prevention and environmental committees. Chrissy Weems is also an art masterpiece program teacher and serves in the classrooms of her children.

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