The Arizona Fine Art Expo Brings the Latest Stories and Collections of a Jeweler, a Painter, a Sculptor and a Potter

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March is Women’s History Month, so it seems fitting to focus on four women who exemplify their chosen art field. They will be exhibiting their art work at the Arizona Fine Art Expo through March 24th.

March is Women’s History Month, so it seems fitting to focus on four women who exemplify their chosen art field. They will be exhibiting their art work at the Arizona Fine Art Expo through March 24th.

Jeweler, Cynthia Downs creates wrist cuffs inspired by the ocean while Janet Blumenthal invites us to join in the dance of life with her latest collection. Lynette Power creates ‘A Meeting with Destiny’ and Debra Steidel describes the journey of ‘Ancient Whispers’.

CYNTHIA DOWNS: Cynthia’s describes the inspiration for the Tidal Pool Collection as being “inspired by beach walks, sand ripples and gifts brought ashore by the magnificent ocean.” The cuffs and necklaces in this collection do have a way of visually transporting the viewer to the beach and the waves momentarily exposing the sand ripples with their catch of delicate shells and stones. Cynthia accepts commissions, personalizing each piece using the clients’ own stones, fossils and varying color ranges as well as incorporating stones from her own collection.

Originally from Boston, MA. She attended Mass College of Art, and moved to Arizona to pursue her dream. As you browse through Cynthia's collections, you will see how her love of unusual stones, her creativity, and her passion for Metal Smithing are displayed in her unique, one-of-a-kind designs. Additionally, she has developed an individual style that separates her work from other silversmiths. Hand-weaving silver is a major part of her work and can be found in her rings, bracelets and necklaces. Down’s can be found working in her studio at the Expo creating these beautiful works of art.

“My designs are unique, and I am inspired by my lush desert surroundings and various events in my life. Each piece is personally hand-crafted by me, using high karat gold and silver, and the gemstones and fossils are individually chosen. I use a wide range of materials, from agate druses, to opals, diamonds and Tahitian pearls.”

Balance of colors and esthetics are only part of Cynthia’s work. I've always loved unusual stones, minerals and fossils, and have specific ideas of how they can be worn. Each stone has its own story, and my goal is to enhance its beauty and evoke its spirit through my work.”

To see more of Cynthia’s work visit her in studio 76-77 or at

JANET BLUMENTHAL: Janet’s latest collection is inspired and dedicated to her father, and the shoe store he owned during her childhood. Janet describes her work as “A visual orchestra of bright color and bold imagery brings to light the rhythms found dancing across the canvases.” The viewer may ask “why musical themes?” Her response: “Music is a universal language easily recognized and interpreted by all.”

Janet has amalgamated the shoes into her work through images of dance. In the painting titled Tango Sole, her parent’s initials are discreetly etched into the sole of the female shoe. The emotion shows on Janet’s face as she comments, “My mom was my dad’s partner in the dance of life.”

Every culture is marked by celebration for life and often expressed through dance and music. One can feel this rhythm of life in Janet’s artistry. The viewer is reminded of this celebration as shimmering light and color bursts onto the canvas. Janet Blumenthal was born and raised in Indiana, where she was awarded high school honors in Art. Janet attended Arizona State University, earning a B.F.A. in Drawing. Janet has sold her works all over the country and as far away as Saudi Arabia and the Far East. Janet’s works are currently being published in poster form by Joan Cawley Gallery Ltd.,

“It is my sincere hope that all the world will one day live as one,” explains Janet. “That we will realize as human beings we are more alike than we are different. I believe the creative arts have the power to heal the world.”

To see more of Janet’s work visit her in studio 45 or at

LYNETTE POWER: Lynette’s latest work is called ‘A Meeting with Destiny’ and pays homage to a man whose love of nature and people left a legacy for all to enjoy. The sculpture captures a moment in the history of John Latsch and an event that took place on the Mississippi River in Winona, Minnesota area, where Lynette is based.

John Latsch owned a successful mercantile business in Winona. His time away from work was spent paddling and camping on the river. One particular evening while Latsch was on the river a thunderstorm rolled in, so he sought shelter. Soon after reaching the bank of the river, the farmer who owned the land demanded that John leave as it was private property. A seething Latsch duly did so and paddled the ten miles home in the storm.

Latsch never wanted that experience to happen to him again nor to anyone else, so the next morning he called his attorney and told him to buy the farmer’s land and any river bottom land that was available. Throughout his lifetime John acquired thousands of acres of land along the Mississippi, north and south of his home in Winona. Working with the states of Wisconsin & Minnesota, Latsch helped to establish 20,000 acres into 4 state parks on the river and 7 city parks in Winona. John was also co-founder of the Isaac Walton League which developed the 240,000 acre Upper Mississippi River Game Refuge.

Lynette is a nationally recognized sculptor, who has been creating works in clay and bronze for more than 30 years. Her work has been displayed and featured at art shows and galleries nationally, and she maintains a recurring presence at the Colorado and Minnesota Renaissance Festivals.

Power’s arts career started as a student at Winona State University and has also including studying under masters at Fine Arts Academy in Loveland, Colorado and the Scottsdale School of Fine Arts in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Lynette’s passion for the environment, sustainability and natural resource conservation, as well as a supreme appreciation for human and natural figures, drives her work.

To see more of Lynette’s work visit her in studio 36 or at

DEBRA STEIDEL: Debra’s latest work is entitled ‘Ancient Whispers’. Its journey from the potter’s wheel to display is a story in of itself and the finished piece shows Steidel’s dedication, love and passion for her work.

Debra created the pot in her outdoor studio at the Arizona Fine Art Expo. Once completed she left it covered to slowly dry. The Arizona heat was a little intense and dried one side but not the other, causing the pot to misshapen. With a lot of tender loving care and wet newspaper, Steidel returned the pot to its original shape, making it ready for the kiln.

Having purchased a second-hand digital kiln in Arizona, the pot was placed inside. A decidedly different kiln to the one she has at home, Debra found herself running back and forth from her indoor studio to her outdoor studio for the next four hours, constantly having to adjust the temperature!

Finally, glazed and with the accompanying lid finished, ‘Ancient Whispers’ takes center stage in Debra’s studio at the Expo, the most exquisite porcelain work of art.

In 1974, at the tender age of 18, Debra discovered her life’s passion - Clay. Since those early years, she has evolved  through many levels of skill, refinement and growth. Making a living as an artist has not been an easy journey.  It has been one of triumph and tears, joy and hard work though it is a way of life that she would never trade.

Steidel’s medium is porcelain clay. She comments “the world has become over saturated with a mass of machine made production items. Fine crafted works of art are becoming a rarity as people have left behind the traditions of working with one’s hands. It has taken many years to acquire my skills, a process of learning that is ever continuing. I strive to create works of art that can be cherished by their owner and enjoyed for many generations.”

Debra’s work has received national recognition and awards including "The Houston Museum of Art, Curator's Choice Award for Excellence in Ceramics.”

To see more of Debra’s work visit her in studio 12 or at

WHEN:January 10th thru March 24th, 2013
Open 10am until 6pm, 7 days a week
WHERE:Arizona Fine Art EXPO, 26540 N Scottsdale Road, 85254
Southwest corner of Jomax & Scottsdale Roads, North Scottsdale
5 miles south of Carefree & 5 miles north of Loop 101 (5 minutes)
WHO:Open to the public
115 studios filled with award-winning artists passionately producing art.
Easy access and wheelchair accessibility.

Season Pass (one time fee) $10, $8 for seniors and military.
Purchase passes at the gate or call ahead.
Return as often as desired at no additional charge with Season Pass.
Parking is Free
visit or call 480-837-7163

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