TX Store Fixtures Offers Four Window Display Tips to Boost Sales

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The owner of TX Store Fixtures in Dallas, TX, offers several sales-boosting tips for retailers wanting to present merchandise in window displays.

Shirt Displays at TX Store Fixtures in Dallas TX

Shirt Displays at TX Store Fixtures

Have a plan before you start anything. Know what you want to do. Like anything in business, just rushing into something will likely result in an unorganized result.

A spokesperson for TX Store Fixtures says properly-done retail business window displays can increase foot traffic and boost sales. He offers four tips to keep in mind when updating or changing your storefront.

“The first tip,” said local store owner Tom Bhayani, “is to have a plan before you start anything. Know what you want to do. Like anything in business, just rushing into something will likely result in an unorganized result.” Mr. Bhayani said to ask yourself what you want to showcase, ask how big it is, what color it is, how it is best displayed (hanging from the ceiling, on a mannequin or on a shelf).

“When you have the basic questions answered, you design around that,” he said. “The second thing is to use good lighting. This is a combination of natural light—not blocking the windows so people outside can see what’s happening inside as well as people inside being able to see what’s going on outside—and colored light. Lighting can highlight your specials, and draw attention in the evenings. Colored lighting can create moods and accent the product colors or backgrounds you’ve chosen. It can impact as much as 60% of your customers’ first impression. Don’t be afraid to experiment and use it.”

The third tip, according to Mr. Bhayani, is to avoid clutter in the window. “If there are too many things to look at,” he said, “the customers won’t know where to focus. This will just cause confusion and may cause some to walk away. Remember, you’re trying to design something compelling because about half of retail sales come from spontaneous response to something they see.”

One way to avoid looking cluttered is by using acrylic shelving and displays, said Bhayani. The showcases become practically invisible leaving the focus of attention on the product. Acrylic displays are versatile because retailers can place colored fabric pieces on them for contrast or, just leave them natural, which will make them pick up the colored lighting scheme and radiate the mood in the window.

The last tip is vibrant, clear signage. “Whatever message you’re sending,” said the owner, “just be sure it’s clear and readable. It should be professionally done. It doesn’t matter if it’s an incentive like buy 2 get 1 free, or if it’s announcing a 25% Spring Sale. Bhayani adds, “Oh, and don’t stick the signs to the windows. Suspend them or get a stand. Remember, you don’t want to block the windows.”

TX Store Fixtures is a full service supplier of all types of display tables, display cases, and clothes hangers, including a full line of acrylic displays. They are located at 2707 N. Stemmons Freeway, Ste 190 in Dallas.

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