Robert Karofsky Offers Insights into “Last Minute” Retirement Planning

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A recent Huffington Post article offers some tips for those who need to do last-minute retirement planning; the article has won the attention of Robert Karofsky.

According to a recent article from The Huffington Post, many individuals wake up one morning and suddenly realize that they have been negligent in their retirement saving and planning endeavors—but Robert Karofsky says there is still hope for these individuals to enjoy financially stable, comfortable retirements. Karofsky calls attention to the Huffington Post article, which offers a few tips for those who need to engage in “last minute” retirement saving. Karofsky has issued his own new statement to the press, offering his own insights into the Huffington Post article.

He begins by noting that, while last-minute retirement planning is feasible, it is not ideal. “It is not recommended to wait until the last minute to get serious about saving for retirement,” Karofsky cautions, in his press statement. “In fact, whenever anyone asks me when they should begin retirement planning, I tell them now—or, as early in life as possible. The advantages of beginning your retirement planning efforts early are well-documented, but, for those who have waited too long, hope is far from lost.”

Indeed, the Huffington Post article lists several steps that individuals can take to maximize their last-minute retirement savings. All of these tips have won Karofsky’s affirmation. The first one listed is to maximize employer matches. The Huffington Post says that if an employer offers a match on retirement fund contributions, employees should take full advantage of it—especially if they are coming to their retirement planning later in life. “This is basically free money on the table, and, when it’s late in the game, it is simply unwise to pass that up,” offers Karofsky.

The article offers further suggestions, including an admonition to make catch-up contributions, something that individuals can typically do if they are over the age of 50. Additionally, The Huffington Post recommends that individuals look into index funds and ETFs.

Karofsky notes that some of the most invaluable tips offered in the article are those that call for lifestyle changes. “Simply put, it is possible to save for a great retirement, even late in life—but waiting until the bitter end means that you may need to make some compromises,” Karofsky asserts. Indeed, The Huffington Post advises that those who have delayed their retirement planning may also need to delay their actual retirement; additionally, the article notes that some pre-retirees may also wish to re-think their lifestyle expectations. “Downsizing a house or skipping a couple of summer vacations can create some considerable wiggle-room in one’s retirement budget,” Karofsky notes.

Robert Karofsky is a veteran of the banking industry, and he frequently opines on issues related to retirement planning and investment.


Robert Karofsky is a veteran of the financial services industry, and has served as an analyst and trader for a number of high-profile banking organizations. In addition to his banking work, he also seeks to provide financial advice and literacy, opining on such matters as portfolio management and retirement planning. Karofsky is also an active philanthropist, and advocates on behalf of St. Jude’s, Sloan-Kettering, Ronald McDonald House, and Columbia Presbyterian Hospital Memorial.

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