Tuscan Olive Oil Company, Bellucci Premium, Affirms Italians Live Longer

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Tuscan olive oil company Bellucci Premium attributes Italian longevity partially to olive oil in response to a BBC News report on health and mortality.

On March 21, Natalie Sexenian, the marketing manager for Tuscan olive oil producer Bellucci Premium, responds to an article published by BBC News, which asks why Italians live longer than people of British descent.

According to BBC News, Italians smoke more, earn less, and spend less on healthcare, but they live 18 months longer than people in the UK. They also experience more years of good health before becoming sick or disabled, the article says.

A study published in Lancet found that the UK actually ranked 14th in life expectancy. The study compared 20 years of data for 19 countries to determine which nations supported a better life. Italy ranked second ahead of France, Germany and Sweden when it came to life expectancy.

Stefania Salmaso, the director of the National Centre for Epidemiology and Health Promotion in Rome, says diet has a lot to do with Italian life expectancy. In the article, she says, “Since the 1960s there has been a big improvement in the Italian diet, with much more fresh fish and a wider variety of foods. Fresh vegetables and fruit are commonly available and we use a lot of olive oil in cooking, and less animal fats than is found in British dishes.”

Sexenian says Tuscan olive oil is one of the reasons why people live so long. “Olive oil can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and lower blood pressure,” she says. “It’s also the base of many Italian dishes. We use olive oil for everything from our skin to our food. It’s obvious that a healthy heart means a longer life and olive oil consumption is vital to healthy heart functions.”

While the answer to life expectancy is complicated, Sexenian urges other people to adopt a Mediterranean diet that is rich in olive oil. “Replace butter with olive oil and try to incorporate it into each dish,” she says. “You’ll wind up eating healthier which will contribute to your longevity. I recommend eating at least three teaspoons of olive oil per day. Make a salad and add some olive oil and vinegar. It will promote healthy eating habits and help you live longer.”

Bellucci Premium Toscano extra virgin olive oil uses olives that are grown on the beautiful landscapes of Tuscany, and maintained by 3rd and 4th generation farmers. Bellucci offers three different types of oil, including an organic option, that offers a mild peppery flavor and fruity undertones that will satisfy any palate. The third type of oil Bellucci offers is the world’s finest Italian extra virgin olive oil, grown only by Italian growers in many different regions of Italy.

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