Randy Steinman releases third book: Daring B. Dove

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Daring B. Dove Finds A High-Flying Best Friend In A Lovely Book For Children

Daring B. Dove is a young high-flier, a friendly, fun-loving bird who likes nothing better than to go out in the world and make new friends. One particular day, Daring decided he would venture out and find ten new "best friends." Yes, Daring is one friendly bird - the ‘B’ in his name stands for ‘Best Friend!'

As Daring flew among the high downtown buildings, he came across a flock of pigeons. But they wanted nothing to do with him, even though pigeons and doves normally get along famously. These particular pigeons were too busy fighting over morsels of food in the city square - they just didn’t have time to make a new friend!

Well, how about the beach where the gulls hang out? Same story - the doggone gulls were fighting among themselves for whatever they could find in an overturned garbage can. They didn’t have time for a new friend either, not when there were scraps to fight over!

Okay, how about the farmer’s field? Maybe the crows were looking to have some fun with a new buddy? Nope. They were squawking up a storm as they flew around the farmer’s scarecrow. They were raiding the field for wheat, oats and corn. They simply were not interested in a young dove looking for some new friends.

Then, just as Daring was getting ready to quit his search, along came Cooper the Cardinal. The beautiful red bird had actually grown up with Daring and remembered him from their younger days. They picked up right where they had left off and had a wonderful time. Daring didn’t find ten new best friends that day, but he had certainly found ONE!

That’s the story of Daring B. Dove - ‘B’ Stands for ‘Best Friend’, a new, beautifully-illustrated children’s book from the creative pen of Canadian writer Randy Steinman and Canadian-Australian illustrator Nishani Vipul. It’s a lovely book, the kind of book a parent might read to a young child at bedtime, or the kind of book a young reader would enjoy.
It’s fun, it’s creative and it carries with it the kind of message that parents love to pass along to their kids - that even though ten new best friends don’t come along every day, you might be fortunate enough to make one new best friend. And when you do, you hold them close, you love them for who they are - and you cherish your best friends forever.


Daring B. Dove - ‘B’ Stands for ‘Best Friend’
by Randy Steinman
illustrated by Nishani Vipul
ISBN: 9780980889123

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