PRO Compression, Developer of High-Quality Graduated Compression Socks, Recommends Compression to Help Treat Lymphedema

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A recent article published in the Independent Mail presents the case of Kathy Garraty and her struggles with lymphedema. PRO Compression, developer of athletic compression socks, advocates the use of compression technology to curb the effects of lymphedema.

On March 29, PRO Compression responds to an article published by the Independent Mail that presents the case of Kathy Garraty and her attempts to cope with the symptoms of lymphedema, a painful condition caused by fluid obstruction in the lymphatic system. PRO Compression advocates the use of compression socks as a viable solution for managing the condition's symptoms.

The Independent Mail article describes Garraty’s struggle with lymphedema – which is characterized by painful swelling due to the build-up of fluids in the tissues – as an unfortunate side effect of her treatment for cancer.

“The patients’ limbs often swell, sometimes to more than double their size, and in some cases, the skin breaks and fluid oozes out,” says the article.

The article states that Garraty was fearful of lymphedema and sought out a recommended lymphedema therapist. As part of the treatment, the lymphedema therapist used compression stockings in conjunction with therapeutic massage designed to help the lymphatic glands to function more properly.

Garraty is said to have searched out a support group to help her deal with problems related to her lymphedema. The article asserts that the group serves the function of educating people about lymphedema and providing members with a supportive environment to encourage positive coping.

PRO Compression CEO Eric Smith responds to the use of compression garments as a treatment to alleviate complications involved with lymphedema. “While our graduated compression socks are best known for the edge they give our athletes, it helps to know why and how the benefits of compression technology could apply to somebody with a condition such as lymphedema. Due to the way graduated compression socks work they help direct the flow of fluids throughout the leg. The benefits of compression garments are something worth investigating for anyone with even slight circulatory complaints or blood flow issues.”

At [PRO Compression we’ve created high-quality, graduated compressions socks tailor-made for the weekend runner and elite athlete. Unlike countless gimmicks that claim to improve your performance, with PRO Compression socks, the instant, positive improvement isn’t an empty promise – it’s purely scientific.


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