Nuraymwah Gallery is pleased to present Christian Lewis Lyon: Runways

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New Exhibit "Runways" by Christian Lewis Lyon opens this Friday, March 29th from 7pm to 10pm at Nuraymwah Gallery, 260 Meserole 5th floor, Brooklyn. 4x6 pieces of runway from New York Fall 2013 transformed into statements of power.

The idea really hit me as a challenge to communicate my ideas about the nature of reality through the art and culture of fashion

Lyon is reaching for new territory by using non-traditional media, like plexiglas. When asked if that poses challenges to his creative process, Lyon said, “Yes, definitely. I’ve had to learn a whole new set of skills working with plexiglass as opposed to canvas or paper. Plexiglass has qualities of plastic, but is really its own beast. I think the story and inspiration of using materials straight from fashion week itself is worth the challenge. It just adds more authenticity into what I am trying to accomplish, and hits the ideas home in a way that wouldn’t make sense with another medium. I mean, can you imagine using canvas when you have a piece of the actual runway? I don’t think so.”

Lyon is fresh off the heels of his last exhibit (at Nuraymwah Gallery--ended March 15th, 2013) in which he created 13 works, little mixed media paintings, of “Living Interiors”, or subjective realities, of several New York City cafes and restaurants. “In the ‘Living Interiors’ exhibit I tried to show how we actually become spontaneity and its divine expression and has a Masters degree in Technical & Scientific Communication from Miami University where he also studied Fine Art and Psychology. Lyon has been studying life as idea construction since age five. Lyon also creates using the medium of sound under the alias of Omniformer (

The environment we are experiencing via our perceptions about those environments. In ‘Runways’, I focus on different aspects of the same question, ‘where do we connect with what we perceive?’. If art was meant to be too serious, Lyon approaches it differently, he says, “it’s also quite fun to make these connections. I mean, I am literally one with my inner voice and that voice provides me with the safety to feel free. I believe that life should be joyful, and so the ‘Runways’ paintings will be filled with the same childhood joy that I believe people like Karl Lagerfeld use as their own internal inspiration for fashion. Trying new approaches and materials keeps me feeling fresh and alive.”

Now--Fashion and metaphysics may seem an unlikely combination, but when Christian Lewis Lyon made friends with C.E.O. Carley Hill of F.A.R. ( in autumn of 2012, he did not suspect that he would be purchasing $200 of reflective plexiglass that was used in the Fall 2013 Runway Show New York. But when the opportunity presented itself, he was drawn to the potential, “The idea really hit me as a challenge to communicate my ideas about the nature of reality through the art and culture of fashion,” says Lyon. “If i could only show a link, like ‘through the veil” so to speak, between the outer and the inner, well, that’s the challenge and the theme that resonates through all of my art--i believe that thoughts create reality.”

“You must learn to listen to the voice of the inner self and work with it". --Seth/Jane Roberts
"What I enjoy most is doing something I've never done before.” --Karl Lagerfeld


St. Luke’s School Playground, Youngstown, Ohio (Autumn, 1980)--A little boy lags behind the sounds of a school bell ringing, and children running back to class at the end of lunch recess. An “inner” voice on the playground says “Who Am I?”, and as a deer in headlights, Christian Lewis Lyon begins his quest to discover who “He” is. In 2012, the answer to that question became solidified and the artist now works in partnership with non-physical parts of his identity to create art, and practically make decisions in the physical world.

Young adult Christian Lewis Lyon arrives in New York City to begin his creative life--Mott Haven, Bronx, New York City (Fall, 2005). Plan A is to become a fashion model to pay the bills while he works on music and visual arts. Christian Lewis Lyon was born in in 1975, in Youngstown, Ohio. His collections are now attracting art buyers interested in lines and expressive color, subjective expression, and concepts such as “manifestation”, the nature of personal reality, and psychic/inner senses. Lyon is concerned with Lyon lives and creates art in New York.

For further information, please contact Nuraymwah Gallery at lyonispolarbear(at)gmail(dot)com, or go to

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