Morrell Caterers of Woodbury Produces Educational Videos about Kosher Kitchens

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Rabbi Goldberg and others explain the ins-and-outs of glatt kosher catering in new web series.

Many cultures and faiths have very specific laws and customs surrounding meals, and these customs can take on even more significance during special occasions, holidays, or feasts. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the venue you choose for a special occasion understands your needs and is prepared to properly handle your event.

Many people are at least somewhat familiar with keeping Kosher in the Jewish faith; however, many people are unaware that different communities within Judaism observe the Kosher restrictions differently. Morrell Caterers of Woodbury has been an important part of the Long Island community for over 30 years, specializing in events for those who wish to observe the rules of Glatt Kosher. Many customers, even those in the Jewish community, are often unclear on what makes a kitchen like this different from other kosher kitchens.

Semantically, the word Glatt is Yiddish for smooth, and refers to an animal with “smooth”, defect-free lungs. Therefore, the dictionary definition of Glatt Kosher is meat from an animal with smooth lungs that was slaughtered by strict Kosher standards. However, colloquially Glatt kosher has expanded to mean an over all stricter adherence to kosher standards.

Knowing that many people had questions about the workings of a Glatt Kosher caterer, Rabbi Goldberg recently stopped in to make a series of videos to give patrons a behind-the-scenes look at the workings of the Morrell Caterers of Woodbury kitchen.

In the video series, Rabbi Goldberg is joined by on-site supervising Rabbi Alpert and Chef Joe to show viewers the many detailed procedures that Morrell Caterers of Woodbury must observe, not only when preparing food, but when storing or even accepting delivery of it.

For example, Rabbi Goldberg explains how vegetables and fruits must be specially cut, cleaned, inspected and prepared before the chefs even encounter them. As per Jewish custom, all the stove and oven fires used to cook meat must be lit by the Rabbi himself. The kitchen must also be completely locked and secured when the Rabbi is not on the premises.

Most importantly, the Rabbi encourages viewers to ask questions when they dine at Morrell Caterer’s of Woodbury, or anywhere where they are unsure of how Kosher procedures are observed. For more information, check out the videos as well as more interesting and educational content at the Morrell Caterers blog.

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