Renowned SAT Tutor's 30-Day SAT Crash Course a Viable Option for Low-Income Students to Drastically Improve Their SAT Scores

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Anthony-James Green, one of the nation’s most sought-after SAT tutors, has developed a specialized online program that’s designed to help low-income students increase their SAT scores by hundreds of points in as little time as possible.

Renowned SAT tutor Anthony-James Green's new 30-Day SAT Crash Course has provided a much-needed way for minority and low-income students to improve their SAT scores and remain competitive in the college game. The program, designed to "democratize the SAT process," is now available online for less money than an hour of Green's time.

According to statistics by The College Board, the creators of the SAT, more than 54 percent of 2011-2012’s SAT-taking seniors were black or Hispanic, a 2.5 percent jump from the year before, but the average score for black and Hispanic students fell across the board. Asian and white students’ averages, however, went up or stayed constant.

“SAT scores have absolutely nothing to do with race," Green says of this trend. "The simple fact of the matter is that students with higher incomes have more money to spend on education and on SAT prep in particular, and so they end up getting higher scores. And, unfortunately, many of the minority students taking the SAT fall into lower-income brackets. What I’ve created is a universal way for everyone to not only take the SAT, but pass it with flying colors, regardless of their race, income bracket, or educational background." Green's program, which costs less than $300 and which is available via any internet-connected device, comes with every element students need to improve their scores and complete a full SAT program. “I want to help everyone improve their test scores by as much as possible, and this program is guaranteed to boost test scores by 200+ points in 30 days or less. If students use the program and their scores don't improve drastically, I don't want them to pay me a cent."

The 2011-2012 class of SAT test-takers—some 1.65 million students, was the largest and most diverse ever, according to The College Board.

In fact, more than 720,000 minority students took the test, a 7 percent increase over last year, and 36 percent of test takers were the first in their family to attend college.

“There’s a definite increase in the trend of minorities taking the SAT, which is extremely encouraging - it's a positive reflection of the growing minority population in the United States and their desire to excel in the educational field,” Green said.

The benchmark for student SAT scores has been set at 1550 by The College Board.

Sonya Thomas, 42, of Houston, the mother of three sons, said she’s excited to learn about a program that’s designed to help low-income students improve their SAT scores.

“For whatever reason, minorities as a whole have not tested or produced scores indicative of their ability to succeed in school,” said Thomas, a practicing attorney in southwestern Houston. “I made A’s in school, but when it came to standardized testing, I didn’t do very well. I had to learn a different way to test for the LSAT and the Bar exam myself, so I think this is something great for all minorities and I’m surprised that no one else has tried to create a more accessible SAT program up until this point."

While the 30-Day Crash Course is delivered online, it's supplemented with The Official College Board SAT Manual and Barron's SAT, both of which are shipped to customers’ door instantly when they signup for the crash course.

Green added that parents who purchase the program are also sent a free copy of his highly sought-after guide, “Test Prep for Parents," formerly only available to friends of clients for $100 per copy. "Parents are an essential part of the test prep process," says Green of his system. "Their participation can mean a difference of hundreds of points. I've included my manual to help parents improve their relationship with their children while simultaneously enhancing their scores - pretty much the opposite of what usually happens when parents try to get involved!

To use the program, students simply log in and immediately start the assignments in the 30-Day Crash Course cockpit. From there, every day, for 30 days, the "prescription notebook" within the program serves students a new set of intensive assignments to complete. If students follow the exact assignments within the program every day for 30 days, they're guaranteed to improve by at least 200 points.

"This is the exact program I put my own last-minute students on at $500/hour," says Green of his Crash Course. "I know it works because I've been perfecting it over the course of 10,000+ hours of SAT tutoring, many of which have been spent devoted specifically to last-minute students. This is a way for ANYONE to improve his or her SAT scores drastically for far less money and in far less time than any of their option options."

Students and parents interested in the program can learn more about it via the following URL:

Green also offers a longer-term program for students and parents with more time to prepare for the SAT: The 60-Day SAT Prescription. This program requires 60 days of work, and is guaranteed to improve students' scores by at least 300 points. Students and parents interested in learning more can do so via the following URL:

Anthony-James Green is known as one of the best SAT tutors in the country, and has long been a pioneer in the field of affordable test-prep education. While his personal rates are sky-high, he has recently released his popular Vivid Vocab SAT vocabulary software for free to help thousands of students improve their SAT vocabularies. Students can create their free accounts via the following URL:

Green, who can be contacted through his website at, lives between New York and Los Angeles, where he tutors full time when not working on new SAT programs.


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