Delray Recovery Center Now Offers Medical Detox for Addiction Treatment

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Delray Recovery Center is a Florida facility that offers individualized treatment plans for drug addiction, alcohol addiction, eating disorders and co-occurring disorders. The first step of most addiction treatment programs is purging the substance from the system, and Delray Recovery Center now offers medical detox to achieve this goal.

Even those who do not have a long history or high level of drug or alcohol use can suffer severe withdrawal symptoms that, in some cases, can be fatal

Delray Recovery Center’s introduction of medical detoxification for drug and alcohol addiction ensures the traces of alcohol and drugs are safely removed from the body in a secure, supervised and comfortable environment. Professional help and medications are both available to help alleviate the pain and suffering of withdrawal.

“People sometimes wrongly believe they can just stop drinking or using drugs and move on with their lives, but going through the detoxification process is not always that easy,” said Delray Recovery Center Chief Operations Officer Doug Petri. “Even those who do not have a long history or high level of drug or alcohol use can suffer severe withdrawal symptoms that, in some cases, can be fatal.”

Delray Recovery Center’s medical detox drastically reduces the risk of serious consequences and makes the detoxification process much more manageable. The facility tailors each detox program to specifically suit individual needs, whether a person is stopping many years of alcohol abuse, a few months of heroin use or any combination or choice of drug.

To most effectively ensure a patient’s overall safety and comfort, Delray’s detox program goes through a series of phases. The first consists of weaning the person’s body off of alcohol or drugs, which typically takes three to four days. The next phase is treating any withdrawal symptoms that may arise, which can range from everything from seizures to hallucinations, depending on the substance and history of use.

Withdrawal symptoms are often treated with medication to make the process less distressing and dangerous. Medical care, healthy food and rest make up the next phase of detox, components that help the body regain a healthy state and reduce cravings for the substance. Once Delray’s medical detox is complete, patients can then transition into the additional treatment that makes up the remainder of their recovery plan.

HBO's Addiction Program supports the use of medical detox. Detoxification “is best conducted under the watchful eye of a healthcare giver, because it can be painful and dangerous. Medical detox safely manages the acute physical symptoms of withdrawal,” notes the program, which was created in conjunction with the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

Located in Delray Beach, Florida, Delray Recovery Center offers individualized treatment programs for alcohol and drug addiction, eating disorders and co-occurring mental health issues. The center has long been providing a soothing environment while its certified staff designs programs that are comfortable, safe and unique to the individual, elements that can ultimately lead to success and a sustained life of recovery.

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