Kettlebells Expert Lorna Kleidman Discusses Energy Drinks' Effect on Heart Health

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Kettlebell expert Lorna Kleidman releases a statement responding to recent studies which linked energy drinks to deaths and hospitalizations related to high blood pressure and erratic heartbeats.

On March 27, 2013, kettlebell champion Lorna Kleidman releases a statement in response to recently announced findings which show that certain energy drinks can negatively impact blood pressure, and may also cause erratic heartbeats.

According to an article on Bloomberg, energy drinks have not only been linked to deaths and hospitalizations, but “an analysis of seven previous studies showed the beverages appeared to disturb the heart’s natural rhythm,” which over time may boost blood pressure and may lead to an erratic heartbeat.

The article reports that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and other regulators have been looking into drinks like Monster and Red Bull after they were linked to hospitalizations and deaths. Other finds came from the investigation, and experts are now saying that people who have a pre-existing heart condition should definitely be careful when consuming energy drinks.

Lead study author Sachin Shah was quoted in the article as saying, “We need to look at the effects of long-term energy drinks consumption and see what the consequences are. Everything is good in moderation. Drink them within the limits that have been provided and be vigilant of what else you’re consuming with it.”

The article states that the high caffeine in the drinks may be causing heart changes, but it's also possible that the negative effects could be caused by a completely different ingredient. Energy drinks aren’t bound by FDA guidelines, and more studies need to be done in order to test the health effects of certain ingredients.

Lorna Kleidman, a world champion kettlebells athlete and fitness expert, comments on the energy drink study. “Energy drinks seem to be the new craze, but what people rarely think about is that they may be doing serious damage to themselves by consuming these products, especially in such large amounts. This meta-study is timely as it comes close on the heels of recent findings that sugary drinks are killing people worldwide. With so much still unknown about these processed, unhealthy drinks, it’s better for people to just stay away from them. If you find yourself relying on artificial energy sources, step back and take a look at why you're experiencing flagging energy levels in the first place. For most people, a commitment to an active lifestyle, a healthy diet, and adequate rest will give you all the pep you need.”

Lorna Kleidman is a three-time World Champion and World Record holder in kettlebell sport and the most decorated kettlebell athlete in the country. She developed the innovative methods used in KettleX as a way to bring the benefits of the bells to everyone in an easy-to-use, comprehensive and fun format. Lorna has been teaching individuals and group classes for the past six years.

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