New York City is Stumped by the Fallout from Hurricane Sandy

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After recent storms, hundreds of stumps have been left throughout New York City due to budget cuts. Amazing Tree Services has been hard at work removing unwanted trees and stumps.

"By not hiring out subcontractors, we are more efficient in terms of cost and time." -- Mauricio Fallas

Much of New York City is filled with unwanted tree stumps, according to the New York Times. After the mass destruction that was left by a tornado in 2010, Tropical Storm Irene and Hurricane Sandy, many trees were left broken, uprooted or damaged. Hurricane Sandy alone felled 11,000 trees on the city streets. This leaves behind quite a bit of cleanup for tree companies who remove the destroyed or damaged trees.

Unfortunately the city’s budget has been slashed in many areas due to the financial crisis that has plagued this past decade. New York City’s parks department previously allowed $2.3 million for stump removal. Since 2009, there has been literally no budget going towards stump removal. Because of this, there are estimated tens of thousands of stumps lining the streets.

City workers have promised to remove these unsightly blemishes on the city. The ideal plan is to remove the stumps and plant new trees in their places, yet only five to ten percent of the 16,000 street trees to be planted this year will be replacing these stumps.

A big problem with tree and stump removal is that even though they are related tasks, they are generally performed by two very different crews. Grinding requires very different equipment and can be difficult.

In addition to that, the city is first accommodating areas that require more canopy. Although stumps are being ground in these areas, there are neighborhoods in the Bronx containing up to 70 sidewalk stumps.

At Amazing Tree Services, business owner Mauricio Fallas weighs in on the fallout from Hurricane Sandy: “There is no question that recent storms have caused more damage than can be removed. It will take many clean up crews many months to fully clean up this mess. At Amazing Tree Services, we handle all kinds of major cleanups. By not hiring out subcontractors, we are more efficient in terms of cost and time. ” This tree removal company offers tree removal, trimming, pruning and stump grinding for emergency situations like Hurricane Sandy.

Stump grinding is a difficult yet necessary task. Although many people are fine with leaving unsightly stumps around, they are eyesores and overall detract from your city or town. You need a responsible tree company that is efficient and well equipped to perform all of the necessary services.

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