Online Bed Quilt, Retailer of Beds, Comments on Chinese Sleep Technology Forum

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Responding to an article published by the China Post, which describes a Chinese sleep technology forum, Online Bed Quilt, a retailer of beds, issues a statement affirming the importance of proper sleep habits.

On March 28, Online Bed Quilt, a leading retailer of beds, comments on an article published by The China Post describing a new sleep technology forum.

According to the China Post, the International Sleep Science Technology Association (ISSTA) will be holding a forum for the first time, which discusses the new sleep disorder prevention technologies being developed. The forum also has another focus: to raise awareness about the importance of sleep.

Justin Maas, a representative from Online Bed Quilt, a leading retailer of beds, says a new study found that many Chinese people suffer from poor sleep quality. “Chinese people are getting the recommended amount of sleep, but the quality is completely diminished,” Maas says. “Over 50 percent of the respondents said they could not sleep well because of work stress. Over 60 percent said they were using electronics before bed. Both of these numbers are very alarming and could be the reason why many Chinese people experience sleep disturbances.”

One of the reasons why people continue to suffer from sleep disorders is because they don’t understand how to treat them. Maas says people need to find the root of their stress and figure out how to eliminate it before bed. “I also recommend cutting out electronic use a half hour before going to bed,” he says.

Tony Hu, the president of the ISSTA, says the forum is a way to educate consumers and professionals on how technology can assist in preventing sleep disorders. “The growth of advanced sleep technology research has been accelerated in the past few years,” Hu says in the article. “There is so much progress we would like to share.”

Maas says there are many more treatments for people with sleeping disorders now than ever before, like CPAP machines. There are also new ways to diagnose sleep disorders. “It’s important to educate the public on these emerging technologies,” he says. “Hopefully it will help people make positive changes in their sleep habits or figure out how to treat the ones they have.”

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