Hydro Med Inc Announces New Allergy Therapy

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New Allergy Therapy is based on removal of inflammatory factors that prevent allergy healing. When cytokines and interluken are removed, allergy heals.

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What's best for allergy this year is a good massage!

After days of sneezing and sniffling, and nights of poor sleep, what is best for the allergy sufferer? Hydro Med announces the use of massage as the best answer.

Dr Mark Tarnopolsky of McMasters University has published that inflammatory factors such as cytokines and interlueken 6 are removed by massage. When you remove these products, allergy symptoms that have resisted therapy, may now respond. This announcement is important because an increase in pollen/allergy is expected.

At the recent Union of Concerned Scientist meeting, it was announced that there would be more pollen in the air in 2013.

Lewis Ziska, of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, reports that trees are flowering earlier, and are producing more pollen. Ragweed in a city environment is producing ten times as much pollen as the average ragweed plant in the countryside.

Particularly in the cities, you have a warmer temperature, a longer pollen season, and Dr Ziska notes, about 20% more carbon dioxide. That makes more pollen.

In the book, Free Yourself from Sinus and Allergy –Permanently, these allergy actions are recommended:
    Keep car windows closed while driving
    Plants pollinate about 5 AM and 5 PM, so close bedroom windows then.
    Don’t get chilled, wear a cover when going from hot outside to cold inside.
    Avoid perfume odors; use unscented lipstick.
    Avoid hot spicy foods.
    Don’t bring pollen into the house; change clothing before entering the bedroom.
    Keep bedroom dust free and odor free.
    Before getting out of bed, drink hot tea. This warms the body and avoids the morning sneezing cascade. Yes, correct, that’s breakfast in bed.

    In addition to these recommendations, Dr Murray Grossan now recommends massage.
    This is because factors of stress, fatigue and inflammation can make the allergy symptoms resistant to treatment. A massage that removes unwanted inflammatory products from the tissue can significantly reduce the allergy symptoms.

     When you get a full body massage at the health club or at home, the kneading of sore muscles and limbs move away the materials that are now known to accumulate in muscles and tissues. These products are responsible for inflammation; inflammation impairs natural healing elements for allergy.

     Alternatively, doctors may give a course of prednisone to reduce inflammation. But, a massage feels good and has no side effects.

    Reduced allergy symptoms are seen in allergy season when the allergic nose is flushed by using massage irrigation. The massage action reduces the swollen tissue, opens the nose and sinuses, and removes the inflammatory factors that keep the nasal membranes engorged.

    Studies have shown that allergy patients get relief when pulsed/massage irrigation is used. Thanks to the work of Dr Tarnopolsky, we know that removal of inflammatory factors adds a significant improvement. Massage may reduce the amount of medications needed for allergy relief.
    An additional help for the allergy patients by pulse/massage irrigation, is the removal of nasal pollen and clearing the sinuses.     

    Frequently, after weeks of sneezing, the allergy patient feels exhausted due to the accumulated inflammatory products. Massage to remove those factors can be therapeutic. With removal of inflammatory products, the immune system in enhanced.

    After weeks of allergy symptoms, the nasal cilia that defend the body against bacteria are also exhausted. Pulse/massage irrigation to restore tired cilia aids to remove pollen and allergy irriitants.

Source: Free Yourself from Sinus and Allergy Problems – Permanently by Murray Grossan M.
D. 2012.

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