Dog Help Network Gives Advice on Curing Giardia in Dogs at Home

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Treating giardia in dogs poses a larger risk than most dog owners are aware of. Dog Help Network explains some of the natural ways to deal with this parasite.

Giardia in Dogs

Giardia in Dogs

With spring time just around the corner, dog parks are starting to get busier and busier. It's also the time of year that giardia in dogs becomes more prevalent. Giardia treatments have a big risk of being harmful to dogs. The side effects, such as liver damage, can result in a problem worse than Giardia itself. For this reason, some pet owners may opt for a natural treatment that poses less health risks to a dog.

Metronizadole is the most common drug prescribed to treat giardia in dogs. This anti-parasitic medication can cause liver damage, physical deformations of developing embryos and has a bitter taste. This bitter taste can make it rather hard for a pet owner to administer the treatment. Not only this, but as time moves forward, Giardia is becoming more resistant to conventional medications, making them less effective.

The good news is that there are ways to cure giardia in dogs without prescribed medication. Solutions vary from anti-oxidants, digestive enzyme, diet, your dogs hygiene, and more.


MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a sulfur compound that is found in every living cell. It has many jobs within a dog’s body, but one of them is to ensure that the vitamins and nutrients going through a dog’s system are used to their maximum potential. This anti-oxidant can do a very good job of getting rid of the toxins and allergens as well, which means that a dog will have a greater ability for immune system and digestive functioning.

For a dog suffering from Giardia, it is important that their immune system gets all the energy it can to help fight off the infection.

There have been a few reports of side effects with MSM supplements, although it is very rare. If a dog is allergic to dimethyl sulfoxide, MSM supplements should be given sparingly and with caution.

MSM supplements can be found online or in health food stores. Before administering this supplement, dog owners should speak with their veterinarian and get explicit approval.

Digestive Enzymes

Giardia attacks the digestive system, so it makes sense to give it some extra defense in this area. Digestive enzymes are available specifically made for dogs from a number of different online and in-store sources. Digestive enzymes work by being ingested on an empty stomach. This way, the enzymes can do their work on the remaining parasites in the system.

Pet owners should speak with their vet before choosing an enzyme for their dog.


A dog’s immune system is heavily based on what it eats. The better the food, the better it will be able to fight off an infection or illness. ‘Natural’ dog foods may claim to be natural, but they have a long list of ingredients. Genuinely natural dog foods have short lists of pronounceable names on the ingredients list. Pet owners should always read the label before they purchase a dog food.

Since giardia in dogs raises the risk of dehydration significantly, always ensure water is available so this symptom can be avoided as much as possible.


One of the best things an owner can do for their pet is to bathe them. This helps a dog feel more comfortable and gets rid of the parasites present on the skin. As with dog food, a natural dog shampoo will have a list of a few pronounceable ingredients. Pet owners should have a talk with their veterinarian if they are in search of a quality, natural shampoo.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Pet owners may have heard of these herbal supplements, and their use as a natural anti-bacterial. In laboratory tests, researchers found that the anti-bacterial ingredient in this extract is benzethonium chloride or benzalkonium chloride. Although these chemicals have anti-bacterial properties, and there is a safe and effective concentration level, they are not a naturally occurring compound in grapefruit seed extract. These compounds are added to the grapefruit seed extract somewhere along the processing.

Furthermore, it has not been approved for use in the United States and Europe for use in food.

The modern medicine available for giardia is not always the safest, most effective treatment for eliminating the parasite. Some veterinarians may not even prescribe the medication if the infection is not moderate to severe because of the amount of risk that it poses to a dog. As an alternative, many natural remedies available can help alleviate the symptoms and keep a dog as healthy as possible.

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