Calling All Organic Farmers: The Top 5 Benefits of Joining An Online Marketplace

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Colle Farmers Market lists the top five reasons why small organic farmers could benefit from being part of an online community.

On March 28, 2013, Colle Farmers Market lists five reasons organic farmers might consider joining the first online directory and virtual market place for natural vendors and organic farmers.

Joining an online alliance of organic growers and farmers is a great way to build a “strength in numbers” campaign and take advantage of the rapid momentum of the organic and local foods movements, says a representative from Colle.

“We are the first online directory of organic farmers,” says the Colle rep, “and the first virtual farmer's market. We offer a wide range of organic and natural products directly from local growers and farming outfits. Our unique service is an ideal platform for any local farmer or natural vendor to distribute their produce.” He continues, saying that the Colle network was conceived as a way to grow the business of organic farming and raise awareness of the organic produce movement. “There's multitude of reasons to get involved with this movement. Here are just five of them.”

Top 5 Ways Organic Farmers Can Benefit From Joining An Online Marketplace

1. Get Online & Draw Attention to Your Business

For small growers and farmers markets without the time or resources to develop a Web presence, an online directory can be the portal that provides your business with much-needed digital representation by bringing your products straight to the online community. A streamlined digital presence in the context of a marketplace can increase your turnover by making your products accessible to those who are already looking for them.

2. Be Part of an Alliance & Reach a Wider Audience

Many small organic farming outfits are operating in a vacuum. Never underestimate the value of being connected with your peers. Being part of a network will give you access to a wider pool of resources and insert you into a larger consumer base. In addition to expanding your horizontal capacity for peer-to-peer outreach, being part of a community also broadens your vertical reach to potential customers.

3. Support Local Farmers

Joining a community helps to raise awareness about the importance of supporting local farms. Shopping locally keeps dollars in the local economy, creates jobs, helps to reduce the environmental impact of food consumption, and supports product diversity and economic competition. When you join with other local produce vendors and farmers, you help strengthen the potential outreach for the whole community.

4. Jump on the Bandwagon & Fuel the Organic Food Movement

A growing number of researchers, farmers and consumers are united over the benefits of organic growing for responsible environmental conservation and for reducing the use of dangerous chemicals and toxic substances associated with conventional farming practices. If your farm has committed to organic practices, being part of a dedicated online marketplace for organic growers will ensure that your business is taking advantage of the momentum of the rapidly-growing popularity of organic food. Currently the fastest-growing market, the U.S. sales of organic foods grew 9.5% last year, breaking the $30 billion barrier for the first time, and continues to outpace sales of non-organic food.

5. Be a Part of the Big Picture

When you become part of a larger community, you can actually help to build a better future for all of us by strengthening the positive impact of organic farming. You'll be heightening your contribution to the very real environmental benefits of organic production, such as decreased soil erosion and water contamination. Studies have shown that the production practices of big business agriculture, including animal-based food production, are unsustainable. Conventional farming practices degrade the very resources upon which they depend. The agricultural industry generates over 125 of the greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change. Over 5 billion pounds of pesticides are used on traditional American farms every year, destroying the organisms needed to rebuild the soil and contaminating fresh water supplies. Natural, organic and sustainable agriculture and healthy living are part of the “big picture” for all of us. Your farm can help make a lasting difference.

Colle Farmers Market is an E-Commerce enabled farmers market community that is passionate about sustainable consumption and responsible conservation. The Colle movement is dedicated to connecting natural product vendors, organic farmers and all people who are living an organic and natural lifestyle.

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