Kleen Steam Announces Hospital Disinfection Tips; The Cleaning Trend is Away from Chemicals and Towards Steam Cleaning

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Hospitals not only need to clean, they need to disinfect and eliminate bacteria and viruses. Kleen steam provides the steam cleaners and expertise to keep them safe.

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“Farrell states that once a steam cleaner is purchased from one department and that one is put to many uses, he finds that the unit is “borrowed” and “shared” in so many other areas and departments to help with potential hazards.

Kleen Steam in New Milford, NJ works with Metropolitan NY/NJ hospitals to keep critical items clean and sanitized without harsh chemicals. Kevin Farrell, owner of Kleen Steam has provided steam cleaning machines for use in many industries for many years. No other industry however, he finds, needs the benefits of the intense heat of dry vapor steam more than a hospital or medical facility. With many viruses, bacteria and germs infiltrating and wreaking havoc all over a hospital, it’s literally life and death to keep things not only clean, but sanitized as well. Farrell has found the uses for steam cleaning in a hospital are endless. He states that once a steam cleaner is purchased from one department and that one is put to many uses, he finds that the unit is “borrowed” and “shared” in so many other areas and departments to help with potential hazards.

One Thing Leads to Another
For instance a local hospital had purchased a steam cleaner for use in housekeeping. The idea was to keep laundry carts clean and disinfected. Just the transportation of dirty and possibly contaminated linens can get from room to room. Even after regularly laundering sheets, pillow cases, and blankets, they can still pick up deadly and dangerous bacteria from the carts they are transported on. The house keeping department in this hospital wanted to sanitize the carts with steam to ensure clean laundry was truly clean and had not picked up bacteria or viruses from a contaminated laundry cart. A commercial steam cleaner was purchased to clean these carts. Railings, handles, shelves, wheels etc were steam cleaned daily to remove any pathogens,germs and viruses that may have been transferred from soiled linens to the cart. The process works flawlessly. To see the independent lab tests on just how fast and effective steam cleans these germs and viruses, see these independent tests

Of course the steam cleaner was put to use in other areas once the staff saw what it could do.

Many Other Uses and Things to Clean in a Hospital
The steamer was then used to clean dividing curtains between beds. It was used to clean mattresses and bedding. It was used to clean the railings on the beds and remote switches the patients use to adjust their beds. It was used to clean bathrooms, including toilets, sinks, faucets, tile and grout, door handles, and the heat and air conditioning units. It was taken into the kitchen to clean tables, chairs, refrigerators, food carts, coffee makers, ovens and grills, and microwaves. It became one of the most popular cleaning tools in the entire hospital. Farrell was told that it was used in multiple departments, and almost all day and night with zero problems. Needless to say, more steam cleaners were purchased after the incredible performance of the original unit and dozens of uses found for it.

When in Doubt, Steam it!
If a hospital needs to completely clean something and is in doubt if it will be totally sanitized, disinfected, or germ free…..then steam it. The hot dry vapor at 300 degrees will make quick work of any pathogen. Chemicals can be messy, take a far longer time to work, and sometimes are not strong enough to fully disinfect. Fumes can be dangerous and the expense of the chemical itself is something to be considered. Hospital staffs are always amazed and impressed at how hot the vapor is, and how fast items can be cleaned. Farrell adds “We sometimes prefer not to hear all the “details” of what is cleaned in a hospital, but we have never had someone tell us that steam did not do the job”.

Cost and Time Savings
Nobody has an unlimited budget including a hospital. To justify the use of a steam cleaning machine to use in place of old fashion “squirt and scrub” techniques, just look at the cost of the gallons of cleaners used per day and the added time it takes to clean an item that way, compared to steam cleaning it. Time savings is also cost savings. And the fact that no chemicals are used with steam cleaning means an additional cost savings. Hospitals and any medical facility should take a much closer look at steam before employing any other cleaning method

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