How to Create an Awe-Inspiring Color Glass Block Structure Flawlessly and Efficiently

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Quality Glass Block and Window Company share their expertise on using, working with and purchasing color glass blocks for a spectacular and desirable outcome.

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There are thinkers and there are doers. The thinkers often have spectacular finished projects that capture the imagination of all who see it and experience it. The doers occasionally stumble upon great outcomes, but great projects always start with a plan and an understanding of the possibilities. Not to mention the superior product knowledge of the contractor. This news release is dedicated to those professionals that share Quality Glass Block and Window Co. passion for great outcomes and finishes.

It is common knowledge that glass is not completely clear all of the time, it is tinted. What may not be common knowledge is that the tint is due to the sand being used to create the glass. The good news is that there is only one glass block manufacturer that is consistent with their sand and that is the American made glass blocks from Pittsburgh Corning. They have locked up the rights to a sand pit for decades to come, giving them the precise look each and every time they produce the glass block, where as other manufacturers buy their sand from whoever is the cheapest. What this does is give the end user an inconsistent product and looks horrific in a real world application; although most contractors do notice, and refuse to use the imported glass block and sacrifice the quality of their project.

Unfortunately, the high quality American made block is not made in different colors, but Quality Glass Block and Window has figured out a way to provide contractors with the high quality standards they expect from the American made glass block and add several colors to their vast product selection. It is a long and tedious process, but the quality of block and care that goes into each block offers a finished glass block project that is astonishing and the end customers will absolutely fall in love with. In order to get started on making “the next big color glass block thing”, contracting professionals that plan to incorporate color glass blocks into their projects absolutely need to understand two factors for maximum quality.

1.    American made color glass blocks currently come in 45 different colors ranging from a few shades of red all the way through the rainbow to multiple shades of yellow. So, no matter what the design calls for, color glass blocks can help to accent an area or help to create privacy through darker colors.

2.    Always order extras. Money is not to be wasted ever, Quality Glass Block understands this, however there are times when making those tough “do I chance it” decisions really pay off and this would one of those times. Much like imported glass block being inconsistent, paint is another product that is inconsistent when the slightest amount of white paint can soften a color too much. Color glass blocks, when ordered separately, cannot be guaranteed to match exactly. Every batch of paint is different and accidents happen in shipping, so ordering a couple extra color glass blocks will help to ensure the high quality finish contracting professionals expect.

Quality Glass Block and Window Company ( is a leading provider of glass blocks used for windows, shower enclosures and vents. In addition to wholesale glass blocks, Quality Glass Block and Window Company provide installation services or guidance for do-it-yourself builders and homeowners.

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