Rietveld partners with Mobile Devices to launch truck driver monitoring

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Rietveld, famous for its EasyTrack fleet management platform, is launching EasyDrive to enable driving style analysis for fuel saving and CO2 emission control.

The first 80% of fuel costs saving is generated by driver awareness

Mobile Devices has announced that its partner, Rietveld, has launched EasyDrive, a revolutionary solution for truck driver monitoring. Using Mobile Devices’ C4D telematics Blackbox and Dreevo4 in-car display, Rietveld’s solution incorporates a CANbus reader that pulls vehicle data through the C4D to the fleet manager and to the Dreevo4 for driver feedback and services.

Efficiency is the main focus of Dutch truck fleets right now, whether through enhanced business processes, optimised vehicle routing, better organised rounds or reduce fuel consumption.

The latter is the particular focus of the Dutch government’s ‘Truck of the Future’ initiative, which promotes better driving to improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

With electrical vehicles entering the market and benefiting from massive tax breaks, the truck industry is forced to act rapidly and decisively. Rietveld has understood this for years, and its truck offering is dedicated to reducing the fleet’s environmental footprint.

EasyTrack is used for truck fleet management, but also for fiscal administration and machinery monitoring.

The platform provides the fleet manager with a tool to identify, track, communicate, organise trips or send tasks to its drivers. It also monitors cargo temperature and location, and relays RFID reader data.

For truck fleets, the platform even has a special module to calculate the driver’s wages, depending on their national industry convention.

On the driver side, Rietveld developed a series of applications for the Dreevo 4in-car display using Mobile Devices’ Morpheus SDK. The in-cab screen offers navigation, text messaging, status reports, task management and feedback on driving style.

EasyDrive is an independent driver monitoring module operating on a separate server and web interface.

Driving style analysis is based on six types of data extracted from the vehicle CANbus: Idle time; Speed; RPM; Use of cruise control; Braking and Acceleration.

A benchmark based on industry wide standards and Rietveld’s own algorithms is then applied to the CANbus data sets to identify the quality of the driving. The driver can see the result on his screen split between six areas of concern: idling, speeding, over-revving, under-use of the cruise control, harsh braking and aggressive acceleration.

“The first 80% of fuel costs saving is generated by driver awareness” says Pleun Rietvelt, “but the key difference here with an eco-driving course is that progress is continuously measurable.”

The driver receives a sound and popup alert if one of the criteria drops below the 8 or 6 out of 10 mark, and he can then switch to the driver monitoring screen in one click. The manager only sees a log of the alerts the next day, but the report includes over-speed, over-revving, idle time, percentage use of cruise control, number of harsh braking and harsh acceleration incidents, as well as total fuel used.

Rietveld’s CEO concludes: “Easy Track takes the stress out of fleet administration and fleet management by bringing together all the cost centres’ management tools a fleet owner needs.”

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About Rietveld:
With the Efficio onboard computer and the main platform EasyTrack, Rietveld provides fleet managers with all the information they need to manage their fleets efficiently. With the use of, for instance, tracking & tracing, trip & hour registration and EasyTrack Mobile, Rietveld will reduce the stress of managing a fleet. In addition, Rietveld has solutions in fuel management, climate control, navigation and communication to optimise business processes. For further information, email info(at)rietveld(dot)nl or visit http://www.rietveld.nl. Rietveld is constantly looking for more ways to help companies competing in the global economy and finding more ways to be operationally efficient. Rietveld | The Route to Profit.

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