ResumeEdge Explains Why These Five Topics Should Never Be Brought Up in an Interview

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Revealing Too Much about Your Personal Life and Beliefs Can Ruin Your Chances

Every candidate wants to make a positive impression during a job interview. That means appropriate attire, impeccable grooming and a positive attitude. However, in this age of social media, the opportunity to engage with others online causes some individuals to take a casual approach to every interaction, whether it is personal or business. That can be a big mistake.

“Interviewing for a position is not the same as conversing with a friend or someone you’ve met on Facebook or even LinkedIn,” said Darlene Zambruski, ResumeEdge managing editor. “Candidates who make inappropriate comments or bring up hot-button issues won’t be called back for the second interview.”

Ben Kiser, ResumeEdge managing director, explains the importance of appropriate interview demeanor. “If, for example, a candidate makes a statement about being politically liberal and the organization where he’s interviewing tends to be conservative, that could raise a red flag. Not only does it highlight the candidate’s and company’s political differences, it shows that the job seeker isn’t considering what is and is not suitable to discuss.”

With individuals increasingly interacting through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, the line between appropriate and unsuitable subject matter may seem to have blurred. For a hiring manager, that simply isn’t true.

What are the problematic topics that a candidate should always avoid?

According to ResumeEdge, job seekers need to steer clear of these five subjects:

1.    Politics. It’s never appropriate to indicate what party you support or how you feel about the current administration, even if you interview during a hotly contested political contest. A job seeker’s focus should remain on the position being sought.

2.    Religion. Hiring managers aren’t allowed to ask about religious affiliation and a candidate should never offer that information. An interview is not the time to share faith. Even if the interviewer brings up the subject, the job seeker should remain neutral and engaged in expressing those knowledge, skills and abilities that align with the position requirements.

3.    Off-color subjects. No one wants to hear an X-rated joke in a business setting. It’s never funny. It’s embarrassing. Sexist comments are equally offensive. The candidate who engages in this kind of behavior is seen as unprofessional and a risk to hire.

4.    Racial issues. Companies are well aware of diversity and they attempt to meet the appropriate standards. Interviewers are wary of candidates who bring up and harp on racial problems in business, society or their company. An interview is not about fighting for beliefs—it’s solely about what value a job seeker can bring to the organization.

5.    Problems with past employers and co-workers. The moment a candidate complains about a former boss or colleague, the new company writes that individual off as being difficult and unable to collaborate effectively on a team. Work is about compromise, seeing the other employee’s point of view and taking the correct measures to ensure that everyone succeeds.

Jeff Werley, director of talent acquisition & recruiting for Nelnet, ResumeEdge’s parent company, adds, “An office environment is not your home. Don’t drop by a fast food restaurant before you come in to interview, eat in your car and show up for your appointment with crumbs on your suit and a soft drink container in your hand. It shows lack of professionalism and will work against your candidacy.”

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