Vibrant Life Has Re-Launched Taheebo

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Vibrant Life has decided to re-launch a product called Taheebo. They are also offering a 25% discount on Taheebo.

The King of Herbs!

an amazing protector from the rain forest

Today, Vibrant Life has announced that they are re-launching their Taheebo product. Taheebo is a popular immune system booster. During the re-launch, they will be offering a 25% quantity discount on it, so the general public can save a large amount of money.

Taheebo has been labeled “an amazing protector from the rain forest” due to the benefits that it offers. Taheebo is an herb that is extracted from the bark of the Lapacho tree. It has been prized by indigenous people of the Andes for centuries, because of the life sustaining vitality that it offers. While fungal spores are killing many trees in the rain forest, the Lapacho has not been touched by it, because it is immune to common fungal spores. Lapachol is the key active component in this extract.

For those who are seeking a holistic approach to living healthy, Vibrant Life recommends this product and that is the main reason why they have decided to re-launch it and offer a quantity discount.

There are some sources on the net that are selling the ground up bark in a capsule and claiming that it works – these are dishonest sources. Vibrant Life does not use ground up bark. Instead, by using a non-heat process (heat damages the extract), they extract the ingredients from the bark. The concentrated extract that is in each capsule is the equivalence to six normal sized cups of tea.

Taheebo can be used during cold and flu season or whenever the chances of having an infection are high. When using Lapacho as a tea, having two cups a day, morning and night, it can promote a healthy immune system and helps to prevent the flu and cold. It also has some therapeutic effects attached to it. Some individuals who have arthritis tend to take Taheebo in order to help relieve the pain.

While Vibrant Life believes it is best to take Taheebo as a tea, they also have capsules available. They admit that the capsules are not as good as the tea. Regardless, it has unique vitamin formulations that will help boost the immune system and take those heavy metals from the body.

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