New Cosmetic Delivery System – Polymeric Micelles from Hyaluronan to Improve the Penetration of Cosmetic Active Ingredients

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Contipro Biotech is to introduce its revolutionary Delcore delivery system at this year’s In-Cosmetics. It is possible to transport anti-ageing actives in its polymeric micelles into the deeper layers of the skin.

skin delivery system

skin delivery system

...the Delcore delivery system improves the penetration of active substances through the stratum corneum...

The basis of beauty and skin quality lies under the surface of the skin, in the lower layers of the epidermis and dermis. Active cosmetic substances mitigating the signs of ageing and maintaining our youthful appearance are also effective here. This basic fact was known to Contipro Biotech, a company specializing in the production of raw materials for the cosmetic industry. With this in mind, it has developed the Delcore delivery system to improve the penetration of active substances through the stratum corneum and therefore achieve a stronger effect.

“The role of the carrier is to package a substance that otherwise finds it difficult to reach past the top layer of the skin. The carrier carries the substance inside the skin, where it releases the active compound. The advantage is that we can use a much smaller amount of expensive active substances because, thanks to the improved penetration, it is enough to apply just a fraction of the amount used previously. Alternatively, we can load the carrier with a substance which would not penetrate deeper into the skin at all of its own accord – this paves the way for the sparing application of previously unusable natural substances in anti-ageing cosmetics,” said Dr Muthny, head of Contipro’s anti-ageing ingredient development team, as he explained the benefits of the delivery system.

Obviously, no one wants synthetic compounds to enter their skin, with degradation products then burdening the human body’s largest organ. Fortunately, there is no need to worry because Delcore uses chemically modified hyaluronic acid, which is a substance naturally occurring in the human body.

The modification has made it possible to create short chains from this natural polymeric substance, which is a natural part of the extracellular matrix. Those chains can be packaged into a miniature micelle which envelops the selected active anti-ageing ingredient inside.

Another interesting feature of the newly developed carrier for improved penetration is that, following delivery of the substance to the lower layers of the skin and the collapse of the micelle, the carrier itself acts against the effects of skin ageing. In-vivo tests showed that the carrier itself adjusts the amount of sebum on the surface, which is generally lacking in ageing skin. In addition, it acts as an antioxidant.

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