Ramana Maharshi Asks, "Who is the Seer?" and Papaji Asks, "Where is the Buddha?" Do These Questions Reveal the Secret of Living a Happy Fulfilled Life?

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The Life of the Buddha has been a teaching story that has transformed lives for centuries, but there is an aspect of his life and teaching that is often overlooked. Please Join Kosi and her co-host, Francine de las Alas of Manila Philippines, Saturday, March 30th at 6 p.m. Pacific Time for an in depth look at the final teaching of Papaji and its intrinsic power to reveal the secret of living a happy fulfilled life.

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Where is the Buddha? Is an unveiling of the idea of the Buddha.

Where is the Buddha?—is not an ordinary question. It is known in Zen Buddhism as a koan and has the intrinsic power to open your mind to a profound realization known as enlightenment, freedom, or liberation. This question was the final teaching of the well-known sage and guru HWL Poonja, better known as Papaji.

In her recent YouTube video Kosi says, “There is a deeper realization in the question, Where is the Buddha? If you really genuinely ask this question it drives your mind inward instead of outward. It is an unveiling of this idea of the Buddha, an unveiling of this idea of you as somehow separate from the Buddha, an unveiling of this idea that you are somehow separate from everyone and everything. It is an unveiling of your own identity.”

She continues, “What is this identity that we call I am me, or I am you, or we are one? If we drop all that, if we make no effort at all, if we throw out our ideas of Buddha or Christ, or enlightenment, or attainment, or getting something, or holding onto something, or winning something. If we drop all that, if we are just really still, if we are just really silent, there is a discovery that is not a discovery, an unveiling that is not an unveiling—there is a realization of something that no words ever define or describe.”

Kosi explains, “Certainly Papaji had a great admiration for the Buddha and his willingness to stop. His willingness to be still in the midst of all the different images, and visions, and sensations that he experienced for quite a period of time—forty days and forty nights. And then suddenly, without any effort, he recognized that all of it was transitory. All of it was an illusion that came and went.”

She continues, “They were illusions of mind, illusions of sensation, and he saw what he called the Clear Awareness and Ramana described as seeing the seer. See the seer—What is it that is looking out the lens of your eyes?—deeper than your identification as your name and your past and your experiences. So Where is the Buddha? Is a dropping of everything, it is a letting go; a relaxing into the Heart.”

What does it mean to relax into the Heart? What is the essence of the life of the Buddha? Was it his willingness to be still, silent, and unattached that reveals one of the greatest secrets of living a happy and fulfilled life?

This weekend on Kosi Radio, an online radio program, Francine and Kosi will deeply explore these questions and how they can actually reveal the secret of living a happy and fulfilled life.

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