MedKaz® Is The Newest Corporate Health Benefit. Everyone Wins.

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When employers offer MedKaz as a health/wellness benefit, employees enjoy better medical care, better health, fewer mistakes, tests, and sick days. Employers enjoy a happier, healthier work force, less absenteeism, fewer insurance claims, and reduced health insurance costs.

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I understand that MedKaz is new and that employers and their benefit consultants are hesitant because they aren’t familiar with it – but that’s all the more reason they should try it.

Increasingly, employers across the country are offering health/wellness incentives to their employees in an attempt to improve employee health and productivity, and reduce the cost of health insurance. Frequently offered programs include paying employees to stop smoking, lose weight, and enroll in a fitness program at a gym. Some even provide on-site gyms and health clinics.

Health Record Corporation’s (HRC) patented MedKaz personal health record system is a unique solution to the problem of rising healthcare costs. HRC recently announced that it is offering MedKaz to employers to give as an employee benefit. By giving each employee their own MedKaz, employers can attack the problem at the point of care.

Their employee owns and controls the MedKaz and gives it to their care provider anytime, anywhere they require care. It contains copies of all their records -- and their dependent family members' records -- from all their providers. When the provider accesses it, they can better understand their patient’s health issues, avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary tests, coordinate their care, and thereby reduce the cost of care. MedKaz is easy to learn and use; providers update it for their patients after each visit. There is no other system like it.

The cost of giving MedKaz to each employee is small; the returns to the employer can be very large. Avoiding a simple blood test or X-ray can have an ROI approximating 100%. Avoiding a CT or MRI scan, a day in the hospital or ICU, can yield an almost infinite return.

Merle Bushkin, HRC Founder & CEO, says “I understand that MedKaz is new and that employers and their benefit consultants are hesitant because they aren’t familiar with it – but that’s all the more reason they should try it. When they do, they’ll find it to be the most rewarding health/wellness benefit they offer.

“It unquestionably will save them money and increase productivity, but it will do much more. It will help them improve the health of their employees. That’s not only good business; it will enhance their reputation as a quality employer. It tells the world that they care about their associates.

“We’re ready to help employers of all sizes in all industries evaluate and adopt MedKaz as a new benefit. And we’re ready to customize a package that meets each company’s unique needs.”

About MedKaz and HRC:

The patented MedKaz is a revolutionary system that puts the patient at the center of their care by aggregating their lifetime medical record in one place, owned and controlled by them, where care providers can access them as needed. MedKaz is the only system that accepts records in all formats from all sources, overcoming record incompatibility; is secure from Internet breaches, easy to use, affordable, and available now; and doesn’t require government subsidies or the construction of extensive electronic networks to exchange records. It lives alongside care providers’ systems, whether paper or electronic, and fits seamlessly into their established workflow, enabling improved quality and coordination of care, elimination of mistakes and unnecessary testing, and cost savings. Medkaz is a product of Health Record Corporation, based in Brownsville, VT.

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