Covington, Kentucky Law Firm Weighs in on Recent Supreme Court Discussions Regarding Marriage Equality

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As marriage and equality continues to be a hot topic in politics, news, and our culture, Kentucky divorce attorney at Penrose Law examines important figures regarding marriage and divorce.

As the country stands divided in trying to determine what constitutes marriage and the limits of equality and the constitution, perhaps a re-examination of the meaning of marriage. As a lawyer specializing in family and divorce law in Kentucky, Brenna Penrose sees the reality of many of these statistics on a regular basis. Considering the failure rate with marriages in the United States today, it is possible that more needs to strengthen the sanctity of the institution than simply limiting who can achieve such status.

Last week, the Supreme Court began hearing arguments regarding California's Proposition 8 as well as the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). This is a time when even the Supreme Court notes that decisions will not come easily, as the decision cannot be based on any one individual's beliefs, but must represent the entire, or even the majority, of a very divided nation. Considering the rights of who can legally get married is one thing, but perhaps there should be more attention drawn toward those who are already able to legally wed.

According to the United States Centers for Disease Control, the marriage rate for 1000 individuals is almost 7. The divorce rate is more than three and a half. So, this country has more people being divorced than are being married. In Kentucky, the divorce rate is approximately 33 percent higher than the national average. This is a definitive concern for many as divorce has far-reaching effects for all of those involved.

Divorce lawyers in Kentucky can attest that those who have gone through a recent divorce can suffer from several detrimental effects. These range from a negative impact on personal finances, productivity at work, and emotional distress. There is always a concern on the emotion health of children of divorced parents or parents going through a divorce, however, the emotional harm that the adults going through the divorce themselves can suffer.

Family law attorneys often see both as cases of custody, domestic violence, and similar events stemming directly from the failure of marriages. While many argue over the sanctity of marriage and who should or should not be able to get married, the various marriage counseling, pre-marriage counseling, and similar programs seem to be falling short of their goal of helping Americans enter into long term, successful relationships, avoiding the pitfalls that so many stumble into.

About Penrose Law: Penrose Law is Covington, Kentucky law firm specializing in family law, criminal law, divorce law, custody law, wills, and trusts. With a dedication to their clients in providing knowledge and support throughout the legal system, Penrose Law has developed several relationships with their clients and others in the community.

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