Jason Cohen Pittsburgh: Chief Consultant Jason Cohen Takes Real Estate Home Flips to a New Level by Flipping a Community in Bethel Park near Pittsburgh, PA.

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According to a recent FoxBusiness report, flipping a house isn't easy. Try flipping communities, like those at the hands of PA Real Estate entrepreneur Jason Cohen, Chief Consultant at Jason Cohen Pittsburgh, who recently completed the 'flip' of a 22 unit townhouse community.

A recent article by Donna Fuscaldo bursts, for many, what is clearly a real estate bubble. What is seen on “Flip this House” and similar shows with recent traction might seem like an opportunity for a quick buck, but as a FoxBusiness report notes (at http://www.foxbusiness.com/personal-finance/2013/04/03/tips-for-making-money-off-your-first-house-flip/), according to Eric Dale, CEO of the National Fix & Flip Network, "People get in the market thinking it’s a great way to make money, and that’s not the case,”
The article presses to its readers that flipping houses is certainly not as casual as TV suggests. However, the promoted approaches with “flippable” real estate have garnered the attention of Jason Cohen, Chief Consultant at Jason Cohen Pittsburgh http://www.jasoncohenpittsburgh.com.

Cohen knows too well about the FoxBusiness article’s claims, as he has newly wrapped up flipping an entire community of condominium units, just one of his many recent projects. Within two years of acquiring an entire community in foreclosure, Cohen bought, renovated, and sold all twenty-two individual units at what most in the industry would consider neck-breaking speed. “While past experience flipping houses is a must, a tough skin is probably the key ingredient,” he explains. “What we did in Bethel Park [in Pittsburgh], I hadn’t seen before. We took a dilapidated street in an otherwise beautiful neighborhood, an obvious eyesore, and transformed it completely in a matter of months. Each one of the 22 units presented unique problems, but the experience of having flipped houses several times prior allowed us to be well prepared for all that came our way.”

Cohen is currently working on flipping another similarly sized community in the highly sought after Southside neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is profitable conclusions and informed decisions that allow him to prolong successful investing and maintain the ability to assist others in similar and smaller endeavors.

Jason Cohen Pittsburgh at http://www.jasoncohenpittsburgh.com is a forum for Cohen to provide his expertise to those that have decided to jump on the real estate-flipping bandwagon. He has recently responded to the FoxBusiness report with a new statement to the press, in which he explains just how flipping a house can be a risky gamble for the rookies in the business: “These TV shows have certainly fueled the entrepreneurial passion within us all.” Cohen continues, “However, when the cameras shut down and the glitz and glamour fade away, you could just be left with a financial horror reality show. While in theory it sounds easy enough: buy low, renovate, sell high, it never really does turn out that smoothly."

Purchasing real estate of any class can be the most significant investment one will make in their lifetime. Before making such a principal decision, it is important for buyers and investors to understand, minimally, the general business of real estate or be represented by someone who does. According to Cohen, Jason Cohen Pittsburgh was created for just that purpose. “I've seen too many come and go in this business,” he explains. “I learned through trial and error, and why not save people from similar war wounds by letting them build on what we know?” Cohen reflects that Jason Cohen Pittsburgh is a resource he could have only dreamed of when he launched his career.

Cohen also states that since real estate investment is not a business for the inexperienced, professional consultation can save someone from having to risk everything on the “little-known”. “It's not just about buying real estate for sale,” Cohen explains. “You really do have to know a little bit about everything: property valuation, acquisitions, contract negotiations, due diligence, financing, title work, and closing. Why not have a real estate consultant to navigate such a treacherous ride?”

Imagine someone buying PA real estate at a foreclosure only to discover that the person foreclosing on the property was the second mortgage holder. The day after they thought they had just won a home for a great price, they get a call from the bank holding the first mortgage stating that they will also foreclose unless they are paid $100,000. “It’s happened before, and could have been prevented with doing a quick online search for relevant consulting, had you been give that advice. Isn't avoiding that type of debt worth the cost of some professional consultation? These debts can outweigh the cost of a consultation tremendously. Don't go at it alone, and if you do, be sure to have seriously done your homework,” says Cohen. “It's just not worth it. One little mistake can truly ruin your financial life, and that is just never talked about on ‘Flip This House’ or those other shows.”

According to Cohen, Jason Cohen Pittsburgh offers services that can help first time buyers or the savvy real estate investor. “We don't have a secret list of real estate for sale or any get-rich-quick ideas,” he explains, “but we can provide some rationale and professional advice that comes from the unsurpassed combination of education and experience.”

Jason Cohen is the Chief Consultant of Jason Cohen Pittsburgh, one of the largest and most rapidly growing small to mid-size multifamily investors in specific Pittsburgh markets, with the first commercial property being acquired in 2004. Jason Cohen Pittsburgh is a consulting forum for Jason Cohen and others to unite and package together specific real estate strategies tailored to the unique financial situation and goals of each client. Jason Cohen Pittsburgh represents and has provided real estate consulting services for private citizens, from doctors, teachers, and single parents to the seasoned investor and real estate professional. Jason Cohen Pittsburgh also offers extensive services to small- and large-cap businesses. Cohen’s group is set apart by the customized process designed exclusively for each client to succeed in their real estate activities.

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