8 Reasons Why People Unlimited Is Not a Cult

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Who ever heard of a fun and empowering cult? This article addresses a cult accusation toward People Unlimited, a community dedicated to physical immortality in Scottsdale, AZ.

People Unlimited is a community dedicated to physical immortality, based in Scottsdale, AZ. Probably because of our views about the unlimited potential of the human body to live and thrive, there are a few posters online who have put a negative spin on People Unlimited, even to the point of calling it a cult. This article addresses this accusation in a fair, balanced, and open way to clear up any misconceptions about the People Unlimited community. People Unlimited is an open and authentic community and invites anyone curious to get in touch with us at http://www.peopleunlimitedinc.com.

The accusation of being a cult is always a little hard to defend because there’s no clear definition of what a cult is. Primarily, it seems to be a scary label given to small groups doing different things. Never mind that very large, very mainstream groups can do a lot of damage – think of the Catholic Church and small boys.

If you think different is dangerous, then you should probably stay away from People Unlimited. It is different. It’s different because it tells people they are totally in charge of their lives, and totally unlimited in their potential, including the ability to live forever. Not a very cult-like message, you would probably agree. But very different.

Here are some other reasons that People Unlimited doesn’t fit the image of a cult:

1. Freedom of movement -- People come and go freely. Some attend events on a regular basis, others on a very sporadic basis. There is no compound, no barbed wire fence, no locked gates. Just a comfortable meeting place located in Scottsdale with colorful, stain resistant carpeting.

2. Accessible leadership – James Strole and Bernadeane have close personal connections with the members of People Unlimited. Far from being distant guru figures pretending to be perfect, they are very friendly and personable, and like to be invited over for dinner.

3. Diversity of people and viewpoints – we have all kinds of people involved from many different backgrounds, with many different views on diet, exercise, favorite movies, and whether or not coffee is good for you. About the only thing we agree on, usually, is that physical immortality really makes sense to us.

4. Community involvement – Far from being isolated, we’re involved in good stuff in the Phoenix community, including volunteering at and supporting Tumbleweed Youth Center for homeless teenagers.

5. Sense of humor – we have a sense of humor about ourselves and others. Who ever heard of a funny cult?

6. Womanless beauty pageant – Corollary to #5. The pageant is hilarious. And no, we’re not a bunch of cross dressers, but once a year several guys do dress up and perform as women to support People Unlimited Charities http://peopleunlimitedcharities.org/.

7. No uniform – we encourage people to dress well in a manner that suits their taste, person and budget. We discourage any uniformity of attire and do not associate enlightenment with bad hair and bird-nest beards.

8. No invisible friend – most of us don’t believe in God, whose intermediaries tend to be the chief controllers in most human groups small AND large. Some members do, and we don’t struggle over that. We do encourage them, if they do believe in a god, to believe in one that wants them to live forever.

About People Unlimited Inc
Our community inspires and supports people to end the separation between mind and body, and between one another, in order to acknowledge, promote and vivify the innate value and ability of the human body to transcend all limitations of disease, poverty, aging and death.

To find out more, please visit: http://www.peopleunlimitedinc.com

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